Pretty Plain Jane

Im pretty simple. I wear practical clothing; t-shirt and shorts all day err-day, right? I love a good laugh, like everybody else. You could probably look at me and think I am a predictable person. I am just a speck in a cluster of stars.

What you probably dont get from looking at me is that I am a teen mother who dealt with a horrible eating disorder (and still do sometimes.) What you probably dont know is I wear my baggy t-shirts because I know I am getting too skinny and I don't want you to notice.

What you probably dont get from looking at me is that I am all torn apart inside. Im too old to be this young. The experiences in my life have made my young heart feel tired and used.

I am a very difficult person to understand. When you look at me you will somebody who wears a t-shirt and shorts everyday and who loves to laugh. You will see somebody who has the world laid about before them. You will see somebody who has absolutely nothing wrong with them and who loves life. I am a difficult person to understand because who I am on the outside is not who I am on the inside. Im just too afraid to portray what my inner beast is like
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

What a beautiful post.....

Sounds like you have been through a lot in your young life. Sometimes it is not such a bad thing for others to look at you, but not see the real you. There are parts of us that we all prefer to stay in the shadows until we are ready for others to see in. You say that you feel all torn apart inside. This can be healed. Talking about it is a good way to start. I wish you the best, hope you are having a good day!