Sometimes You Have No Choice

sometimes its hard to forget,its hard to let it go..they always say move on, let it go but never say how..
sometimes the more u block it up the more it snaps back at u and says u cant runawy frm it
sometimes u hav no choice..
spirit82 spirit82
1 Response Sep 19, 2012

You've really said it well with your words.I feel like that a lot!

Thanks michnat,
there r times when u feel nothing is working for u, ur personal , professional life, ur health evrythng seems screwd , evryone u know offer shallow sympathys n nobody actually neithet care abt it and nor abt u...
just gng through a rough patch of life n hoping it to end soon..

I get what what your'e trying to say and I truly hope that you feel much better soon. Take care :)