Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

Dilettante has two senses: an admirer or lover of the arts (that is true about me but this is not the sense I mean) AND it also means a dabbler, a person having a superficial interest in an art or a branch of knowledge. THAT is me.

I don't have a passion for anything, not a passion. Think of Mozart or Tiger Woods. Either they or/and their fathers had a passion for their area of expertise. They worked at it - a lot. You don't get really good at something without working at it. Genius helps but is not sufficient. At least not the way I see it.

I like trains; I have always liked trains. I like the real ones (worked for railroads for 40 years) and the model ones (had some connection for even longer) and I have a small collection of fiction and non-fiction about trains. But do I have a passion. I don't think so.

I have been collecting maps since my high school days - and that's a long time ago. But every so often I'd dump the collection and then start over. Doesn't sound like a passion to me.

I have had cameras since my grade school days - even longer yet - some of them would be nice collectibles now, if nothing else. But I didn't go in that direction nor did I become a very good photographer. I still don't practice the rule of thirds. The focus spot in the center of the screen is where I usually set the center of interest.  No passion for betterment there, either.

Geology, history, nature are some more interests. Well actually the history one could be subdivided into the history of... many things. I've got the 3-volume Dover edition of the Journals of Lewis and Clark and John Wesley Powell's Exploration of the Colorado. I had a large collection of Field Guides to animals and plants that I neither learned a lot from nor kept, and now only a couple left. Passion-LESS. 

Astronomy (and whisper: Astrology) have been occasional areas of interest over the years. I think I first got an interest (not a passion) back in the grade school days. I spent a few years editing an astronomical newsletter. Then this spring I dredged some memories up to help explain some things to my daughter. I have a cheap telescope here. Took it out once, first time in years, couldn't remember how to work it. Had some thoughts on improving it - but thoughts they stayed.

I like to read, most any kind of book. Bought the collected novels of Jane Austin just over a year ago. I read fast I should have been done with it months ago. HA! I can't even maintain an interest, much less a passion.

Art, other than photography - I have been interested in doing drawings and acrylic paintings. I have a painting on an easel right by my desk just waiting for me to pick up the brush to do just one step on it then the next step, etc., but Nooooooo. I took a course about 5 years ago. Did not keep up with it. Same for drawing. Dropped out of the second drawing class.

My other ID on ExperienceProject has a lot of kink in it - but really, there is no passion there, either.

Yep, jack of all trades, master of none.
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Thank you both

Yeah but it doesn't really matter that you don't have that crazed passion for just one thing. I know plenty of people who are very focused on just one thing..to the point where they could talk the non stop about it to anyone off the street and bore them to tears. Not good. <br />
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A person who is a Jack of all trades and a master of none...but knows it, is a much more interesting person than one who claims to know it all.

A) Because I have spread myself too thin.<br />
B) Because I have spread myself too thin.<br />
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I was going to say something else for B) something about my kinky life but I see I already mentioned it - and that's a spread too thin thing too - I have the opportunity to be kinky all day today and have barely touched it. because I've spread myself so thin - today and yesterday was "Welcome to EP" day.