Ok So I Am Not A "dirty" Hippie.. Messy Oh Yah! Cluttered Hell Ya! Lol

I love to collect energy from old objects.. I could seriously become a hoarder, but I put my family first. I think it stems from the simple fact that I really do not get along with humans. I have a huge mouth... I love my soap box! Something magical about an item that has been handheld by several hands and now I am the new keeper...    The best spent energy is when you allow yourself to be  so engrossed in what ever you are doing in any given moment.  Allowing it to seep into yours pores and circle your whole aura with free radicles of pure joy is awe inspiring. It can be something as simple as cooking as I leave a trail from one end to the kitchen to the other. To being lost in my paints! Nothing is better then the feel of paint in between my  fingers!    I hate shoes! Have since I was child! I would rather feel the heart and soul of the earth under my feet. It is a reminder that I am very much alive and that this is not some friggen joke... This life and it meant to be lived!~   Oh, here is funny for you.. I went into the record store and asked where I could find Cat Stevens. The girl looked at me like she been huffing on glue or something... "Who?"  "C A T (as in meow) S T E V E N S....."     Ohh she went....  Am I the only one desperately trying to hold onto the kinder ways of my elders? There has to be more like me... Seriously, where the heck are all the hippies anyway? Sadly it appears most have gone underground along with the Pagans. I daydream of the day when all the gypsy skirt wearing, flower in the hair, tie-dye wearing free spirts come out to play in a  new peace movement. It is time to send those anger monsters back in their caves... 
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lol... real nice story you wrote here. Cat Stevens, my hero, Love every song of his.<br />
i am a refugee of the 60's. *smile* a long hair, flower child with a free-spirited way. Proud of it too.

Now I really miss my garden! Pout*Pout! lol