A Dichotomy

I was at a relatives high-school graduation party recently. There were numerous young ladies there and one of them had on this super tight sweater dress thing. She had what is, quite possibly, one of the best as*es I've seen in a number of years. Upon closer inspection you could see right through the dress she was wearing and she had a thong on. Now the front of the dress had some pattern on it and you couldn't see through that, but here's the dichotomy, I was turned on by her body, and the fact that she obviously knew how to show it off, but at the same time, as the Father of a young girl myself, disgusted that someone would let their young daughter out of the house in such a revealing outfit.

Sometimes it sucks to be a dirty old man and the Father of a young girl. It spoils my horn-dog, dirty-old-man moments! lol.
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Life has turned me into a dirty old man....I have three grown children and four grand-children. Have had a wonderful life to this point. But my wife died sometime ago and I find myself alone.
I'm healthy, wealthy, and wise. I'm a doer and goer. Love to socialize, dance, party, travel, .......you name it.....I'll try it......I love life....
I live in an apartment complex where there are several widows my age and I have been turned down for a date by all of them.
WHY !!! One has told me because her grown children have told her, "You'll be cheating on our dead father if you date".
Another has refused me because, her children say "He's just after your money". ( I am fairly sure I am far wealthier than she is.)...........etc......just different tale but basically same excuse......children this or that.
But these " thoughtful " children bought mother a dog for companionship......"stupid dog can't even talk".
So these ladies waste there lives watching TV..
So dating an older woman is out........
Single middle aged woman are out......They have teenaged children who think its cool for this "old geezer" to buy the whole family dinner, ( Boy, mom sure suckered that guy )
BUT.......once in a while a younger lady realizes that maybe this experienced older gentleman ( I know how to treat a lady. Was married to one for many years ) has something to offer. I can easily afford to buy her diamonds, furs, jewelry.
Because I crave the love of a good woman......
I AM CALLED A DIRTY OLD MAN ( sometimes pervert )

I feel the same way. I am a mother of two young girls and i am troubled by my sexuality because of it. I love ageplay and want to be taken advantage of by a step daddy or uncle who is freaky. I, would destroy anyone in reality who would do to my girls what i want done to me. Let's not feel guilt. Blame the id and being human.