Yep, For Sure!!!

Well, at least my wife frequently tells me what a dirty old man I am, so it must be true! I've come to a point in life where I might as well say what I'm thinking rather than hold it all inside.  Most of my thoughts will most likely never get past the fantasy level, but I can try.  So, what are some of my "dirty old man" thoughts?  Well, here's a little taste:

When I was 14, I wanted to **** a girl but back then girls weren't as open as they are now.  Never mind that I have grandchildren older than 14, I'd still like to **** a girl that age!

How about an adult sex education class?  I wrote a story about how badly that's needed, even these days!  Of course, there will be live demonstrations and plenty of "lab" work!  Oh yeah, bring the kids along if you wish; they could use some education also!

Nudity should be legalized.  I should have the right to mow my grass naked!

Etc., etc., etc.!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

You really can't be a dirty old have a wife. I am single and am free to bed any 18+ lady I might meet. A true dirty old man must be a swinger.

I agree with you.