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My mother-in-law, her sister, husband and 2 children came to visit overnight. I had not seen her sister and family in years. The sister and husband were about 40, son 10 and daughter 15. I was in my early 30's and my wife was in her late 20's The sister and husband and my mother-in-law were heavy drinkers.They got pretty blitzed before dinner and went to bed fairly early as did the son. We got our kids bedded down.

Nancy, the daughter was a very nice looking young lady. She wanted to stay up and watch TV with my wife and I. I was sitting of the sofa when she came in and sat beside me, my wife was across the room. We watched the tube for awhile. Nancy had on a skirt. She pulled her legs up, together, and laid them against mine. After few minutes I used her legs as a prop for my arm. My wife went to the bathroom. Nancy leaned over and kissed me. Damn! Hadn't expected that!

I nonchantly started trying to raise her skirt up with my arm. It got a little higher and a little higher. My wife was watching but said nothing. Neither did Nancy. Now I'm wondering how far can I go? I moved my arm from between her legs and put my hand on her knee. No resistance. My wife went to th kitchen to get us a drink. This time Nancy started to lean over and I met her for a kiss. Only this time her tongue went straight into my mouth. We sucked each other's tongues for a minute of so breaking apart before my wife came back. I had a hard-on big time.

I kept easing my hand up her leg. Oh, that soft, sweet teenage flesh. When I got to about mid thigh she put her right leg down on the floor giving me easier access. I kept slowly stroking her left leg and easing upward. I knew my wife was seeing what was going on but still said nothing. I got up to her panties and started stroking her slit with a finger. My wife again went out of the room and we had another tongue sucking session for a couple minutes. I loved her hot young tongue.

I stoked her slit a little bit more before easing my fingers under the leg band and feeling her soft hair. My middle finger went right between her soft ***** lips and in to about the first joint where I pulled it up and down. Nancy starts wriggling slightly. I got it in deeper with no resistance and nothing being said by anybody. Skirt up aound her waist and legs spread. I wanted to lay her down on the sofa and **** the hell out of her but held back. I new that Nancy was ready and want to askmy wife if she minded if I ****** her, but didn't. Eventually my wife said it was about time to go to bed.

When we got in the bedroom and were getting ready for bed my wife surprised me by calmly saying, "You fun with Nancy, didn't you?" I said , "Hell yes! I'd like to have some of her hot young stuff". She said, "I don't think you'd better. I think you went far enough". We had sex and I was fantasizing that was pumping into hot little Nancy's tight young *****. We heard about a year of so later that she had gotten knocked up and had a baby. I was then glad that I hadn't ****** her. It could have been me. And I didn't need that. But her tongue tasted mighty good and he sweet little ***** was so tight, wet and hot.
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Most people consider it impolite to be rude to a house guest. If Nancy had asked for a glass of water, I am sure both you and your wife would have complied. But in this case she had a thirst for something else.
It would have been an ideal time for a three-some, and if all three of you moved to your bedroom there would be no danger for discovery by Nancy's parents.
You said that you and your wife had sex. It's a shame you didn't include Nancy because she really wanted to join in.

like young girls

Dodged that bullet!

I like it

Damn~ Oh to **** her once! No one would have suspected you except your wife.

You're right. No one would have suspected it except for my wife who would have no doubt gone along with it, but if her mother or father had awakened and come out of their bedroom, I would probably not have been alive to write this. And if she had gotten pregnant by me, it would have posed a big problem. However had we been in a different place, and she was as willing as she was, I would most likely have pounded her tight, hot, young ***** with no thoughts of her getting pregnant.

We're similar thinking men but like you,I would have been hesitant!

We're similar thinking men but like you,I would have been hesitant!

Did you have a follow-up experience later (after she delivered her baby, I'm assuming)?

No. I didn't see her again after that night for years.

Pop, I don't mean to be a smartass but there are a *lot* of ways to prevent that! It would kill me to sire a baby today and I've just started seeing a 30 yr old girl. Never thought it would happen to me!!

I don't think you're being a smartass as all. I know there are ways to prevent pregnancy. I have just never liked to wear a condom. This time was just not to be. I'm feel sure that my wife would have intervened if we had started stripping. It was just a weird situation. I have no doubt that Nancy would have allowed me to **** her if my wife had not been watching. I don't know why my wife allowed it to go as far as it did but felt it best not to ask any question. And knowing me, I would have had it in her, not worrying about what the long term results would be. The poor girl was just too hot for her own good. ***** can make a man do strange things. It's powerful!

So eight you are on this! I would have liked to **** your wife! Of course you could have had my **** hungry wife!

Sir, I agree with you SO much! That is exactly why women are so powerful! Yup. The own half the money and ALL the ***** in the world! BTW, my favored contraceptive is foam. No rubber and makes a wet ***** wetter! IMHO, thats a good thing!

This was just such a weird situation that I was never in before or since. Questions that probably can't be answered and never will be. It's been many years but I can't help but wonder.I had not seen this girl since she was 7 or 8 years old and knew nothing about her. Why would she allow a married man to play with her legs and allow him to finger her with his wife looking on? Why would the wife watch her husband play with a young girl's ***** and finger her without saying a word? I was somewhat confused and a little scared but with Nancy being as cooperative as she was and my wife not complaining, I went as far as I felt safe going. It wasn't as though my wife had not seen me naked and fondling another woman, but a 15 year old was different. We started swapping with another couple when I was 26 and she was 22, plus we had already had some MFM's. I wanted to go a lot further than I did but it was a design for disaster. A very weird night. But a good memory.

Indeed! A fine, HOT memory! Thanks for sharing!

I was 30 years old when I took my GF who was only 15 to another province as I had a new position there. Her parents had no idea. She turned out to be an amazing ****, sensuous teen, and game for anything. We did a switch with another couple once and I got a great blow job out of that. My GF would blow me anywhere I wanted. We stayed together for 6 wonderful sexy years.

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