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Hello folks, I'm a ten year USAF Vet, that is disabled for hearing loss. I was a crew chief on C-141's and C-5's. I have been out since '80. I am 60 now and have had many more health problems since I was granted disability in about '82. I have had a form of Muscular dystrophy called MG. it is a weakening of all voluntary muscles. for the last 20 years I've had joint pain from the loss of muscle tone. The pain has gradually worsened. I ask for pain meds for quite a few years before I was put through the pain clinic in 2001 and proved I was a nonaddictive person, and was given a script for Hydra-codone. I have had the script ever since. I have been a pot smoker for most of my life, and at this point pot is used more for medication than for the party. It helps me deal with the condition I'm in. I have never abused the pain meds even once. I usually have a few left every month when I get the next one. I just went in for my usual follow up appointment, I was ask to pee in a cup for the first time in the last 5 or so years. My Dr told me there was cannabis in my ****. She told me that it was a new VA policy, and it was just for the people that get addictive pain meds. She told me I would have to sign a pain contract or I would get no more pain meds. If I signed it I would be tested every time I went in for pot. I told her I was not going to quit pot, because it done more for my quality of life then the pain meds did. As of now I no longer get Hyudrocodone. I take another med for my muscles that helps with my balance and strength. Side effect of it is chronic "irritable bowel syndrome". in other words chronic diarrhea. Now the side effect of the Hydrocodone is just the opposite constipation. So for the last 11 years I have had a good handle on my pain and could go places without worrying about crapping my pants in public. So now I'm right back where I started 12 years or so ago. I don't blame my care giver, but don't understand the whole thing. The pot has no ill effects to me at all. If my state would pass the medical pot law I could get pain meds that are made from cannabis oil, and would work better than the codone. I'm not looking for any help, but just needed to vent I guess.
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i' served 3 year's regular and 15 year's reserv in the Israeli borderline police-(MISHMAR h'GVUL)-!blessed 12 time!assisted in the first Lebanon war a 1982!now i'm a 85% Invalide veteran!

<p>I really do not believe she lied to you, and it is not related to you smoking pot, because all my inside sources at the VA tell me it is now a requirement that anyone that is taking Hydrocodine sign a med contract. The VA is attempting to reduce the Rx of hydrocodine. <br />
Have you considered asking for a Pain Management consult?</p>