Today, August 13, 2010... I Accept Jesus As My Saviour

Going through very hard times. But Jesus is helping me overcome everything. I feel blessed.
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Muffy01,<br />
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God bless you!!!

It's not my place to judge them...even if someone I looked up to more than anyone suddenly experienced the "power of God" I really doubt it would change my own beliefs about God one bit. I simply don't ba<x>se my beliefs on other people's beliefs (or at least I try not to). The only reason I can think of that I might believe is because of fear...(like when an atheist begins to ask God for help when he is near death or something) and I don't think that fear is a very good reason for determining what is real and what is not's not rational and I wouldn't use it in my right mind (so...I can't say I will never use it, because I don't know if that is true, but never in a rational sense would i).<br />
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Here's a story about my childhood that is probably in some ways similar to many others':<br />
At night I used to believe (sometimes) that if I just stayed still on my bed I would be "safe" from whatever bad thing was in the darkness. I might have thought that was a silly belief sometimes, but when I was alone in bed you would have had a hard time convincing me it was a silly belief. The fact that I woke up alive each morning reinforced my belief that if I just stayed still on my bed I might be ok through the night. It seemed to work, so I stuck with it, even though it didn't really help me. I still went to bed each night afraid. However, today...I'm not afraid of the dark at all thankfully, I don't believe my bed is going to save me...I've learned that there just isn't much to be afraid of (tripping maybe, but I can avoid it). And I feel kinda sorry for my older sister who still is afraid (of the dark and many things). So...should that make me more likely to believe in the "bad stuff" again just because she does? I don't think so. I think I'll trust my own experience. Not that I think she would want me to believe...because it is a provable irrational belief...I can get up and walk around in the dark and nothing bad will happen...but death is kinda different. It's unprovable, therefore people tend to believe it, because they have no proof telling them that the bad thing won't happen.

No reason? So basically all the people who have experienced his miracles and power are just lying, crazy, or self-deceived? That doesn't make any sense. And even the most closed-minded person would question to some degree the existence of God. I hope you are just in denial but somehow know he is real or can be real. There's still a chance while you're alive, take it. Ask God; he will surely answer. God bless!

why is it hard for me to believe in the power of god? <br />
because for one, i don't believe in god.<br />
for two...i have no reason to believe it.

Shannonymous, <br />
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Placebo effect doesn't do miracles. And it's not against free will, because I asked for deliverance. But it kept failing, and I was still not delivered and suffering because of lust, but I was reaching my limit. So God finally decided to show me again his mercy and power. Suddenly, after a month of struggle (after I turned to Christ) because of sexual lust, I was completely delivered from it. Why is it so hard for you to believe in the power of God? God bless you!<br />
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Conceptualclarity, <br />
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Thanks for the encouragement, brother. God bless!

Take heart. You're very young and there's a lot of time for God to fix you.

good for you i guess (not that i see lust or homosexuality as bad), but i'm sure Jesus didn't do that to you (that would be the opposite of free will if he did). Your thinking did it.

Instant deliverance from depression (the day I turned to Jesus). Recently, complete deliverance from sexual lust. And soon, deliverance from homosexuality.

May God bless you completely!

how is Jesus helping you?

As a minimum, Jesus gives the ultimate meaning to life.

God bless you too!

Thank you for those inspiring words, brother. God bless.

amen brother never give up! like the energizer battery JUST KEEP GOING FORWARD WITH THE LORD!<br />
Psalm 16:8<br />