I Tell It Like He Sees It.

I beleive in the creator Elohim. I beleive in His Son, Yeshua. I do not beleive either were inteneded to become marketable. I rebuke TBN. I rebuke the false prophet Kim Clements. I advise all true follwers of Christ to deny and rebuke publicly the following; John, Matthew and Diana Hagee, Rod Parsley, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyers, Joel Olsteen, T.D. Jakes, Paula White, Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn and the numerous other corrupt evangelists who use our Heavenly Father and Our Saviour Jesus Christ to line their pockets, avoid taxation and contribute only a fraction of what they con from beleivers to do what they call "doing the Lords work."

I know they think they are doing good but the truth is they are not. Armchair Christians have stopped going to their community churches that were once so effective and beneficial to the communities. Local church support has dropped drastically because these people mentioned in the preceeding paragraph  have taken money intended to help people in need and have invested in themselves. They live in huge multi-million doallar mansions. Some actually have entire estates featuring stables, pools, golf courses, landing strips, several very exspensive aircraft. They have surrounded themselves lavishly and want you to beleive this is what the Lord wants them to do with your money. You can take this to the bank...you've been taken to the cleaners. You don't have to take my word for it. You can go to www.inplainsite.org/html/tele-evangelist_lifestyles.html . I must tell you ahead of time. If the truth is what you seek but you are afraid of it don't visit this site. It is an eye opener.

   Why do I tell these things to whoever will listen? It is very simple. As a young boy I was intimidated, tortured and beaten in order that I not speak the truth about who and what my father really was. As I grew up it seemed to be the same with so many people I came in contact with. It was always, "Now don't say you heard this from me." or " Can you keep a secret? or "if you tell anyone about this I'll kill you." I heard that one a lot. By the time I was 50 years old I carried such an immense burden of guilt I could no longer contain it. I reached out for Christ and cried out. I told Him I can not bear the burden of all this any longer. I have things I must say and things I must set right. I told Him that I can not live this life anymore. If I was to live it must be with Him in me and in control. It has been 4 years since I invited Jesus Christ to come live with me. In me and around me. I asked...I sought...and I knocked. I was answered. I found ,and it was opened to me.

I do not accept offers to be a memeber of any church. I go to a church...I tithe and make offerings. I help anyone I am able to help within that congregation but more importantly...to the stranger who comes to my door. I do those things which we are told are of a good nature and a true heart according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am as poor as many but I am richer than many others and I live to be able to share some of what I have but most of all..the truth that I have been given. Through mercy and grace am I now who I am. And who I am is really shaking up a lot of other people. Good. It was never written that the truth would always be painless but, it is a profound fact that it will set you free.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

I feel your pain. I too experienced wrong doing from leaders in the church, but I am commanded to pray for those who have chosen a wrong path. It is the will of God that people are restored.My faith is often renewed, restored, and revived by television ministries often, but I know that they are human and subject to error. I pray for them daily and rejoice to know that many are finding Jesus by the word that is going over the air waves. Many people cannot and will not leave their homes for fellowship and these ministries when handled in a godly way, help millions.<br />
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Here is a parable. Two farmers planted grain. One man planted a little grain and he got a little harvest. The other farmer planted a lot of grain and got a big harvest. Let us rejoice with those who plant a lot of grain and receive a big harvest. When wealth is in the hand of godly people, they have more to reach out to help others with. Many of those ministries that you name have MANY schools and churches in other nations.<br />
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I believe that Christians should be blessed abundantly over any thing that we should ask or think. After all our Father owns the universe. Who should be wealthy? The ones who don't give him the time of day? No. We should be the inheritors of abundance. <br />
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When I was a minister in a large church, people would GIVE me things--new clothes, free this, and free that. I would usually give it away....I was constantly being invited to someone's home for dinner. When you bless people they are very grateful. Jesus said abundance pressed down and shaken together with good measure would people give into your bosom. (KJV).As a matter of fact many will try to make a celebrity out of you. You have to pray to keep from becoming full of pride. Annie Lenoxx said in a song that "...some people want to use you, some of them want to be used by you, some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused." Dealing with a large number of people is very hard.<br />
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The reason we fellowship is because Jesus tells us to. He warns us to assemble ourselves together. Some people are set free just seeing your face in the place! if u feel better at home, you are still in the kingdom, saved, with all the blessings. Sometimes I am called to go out, sometimes I am away from people. I try to keep my heart right toward those that I don't agree with and always pray for them.

A beautiful reply filled with honesty and humility.
I agree with your comments and would have posted
something similar.
May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly
as you seek His face.
Thank you for sharing.