Knowing Firsthand and Personally Jesus Christ

My story began 35 years ago with a personal introduction to Jesus Christ associated with a major crisis in my life and  a deeply mysterious, powerful but too-good-to-be-true experience of His death on the cross that left my alcohol-ridden, utterly miserable life, marriage and family life instantaneously transformed. At the turning point in my life,  with strongly  insecure and deja vu  feelings about the future, I promised  to find out, as soon as possible, all there is to know in the Holy Bible about the permanence, mystery,  power,  long-term life prospects and assurances, if any, associated with my personal experience of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  

I accepted my assignment. To confirm the validity and reliability of my personal experience, I began immediately to attend again church services, to read extensively  the Bible from cover to cover, and study through correspndence courses over many years. 5 to 10 years later, my experience was still fresh in my memory but without any positive scriptural support.

In the next phase, therefore, I decided to make a more intensive, personal  study of the gospels individually and harmoniously to find the confirmation of my experience which has been burdened with more challenges and questions from other sources. Another 5 years later, a pattern began to emerge clearly and cumulatively around a single theme, viz.: the self-revelation of Jesus Christ for sustainable faith at His death on the cross complete with His baptism ministry in the Holy Spirit for posterity.

The exercise has confirmed me as a disciple of Jesus Christ and a "witness to His resurrection" (or self-revelation) in His diacritical death on the cross, i.e., a radical, shared death-life continuum both for knowing firsthand and personally Jesus Christ and growing in His grace and knowledge exceeding all my expectations. I now continue to discover the self-revelation of God in the death of Jesus Christ with forward and backward linkages throughout scriptures including the Holy Quran! 

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I am now in my retirement years witnessing on own website (, discussion forums, small group Bible Study and correspondence for testing my ideas and faith and, hopefully, helping to test the faiths of others all because I have seen "the light" (John 3: 1-21) or vision of Christ in His death-defying power and glory based on breakthrough of  "the hard way and narrow gate to life" (Matt. 7: 13-14) which disciples of all time have a hard time to know, accept and experience! 

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Don't drink and go to A.A.

Thank you for this interactive witnessing forum!

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