Even though I like the song I’ve posted with this story, it makes me a little bit sad to listen to it because I see it as the expression of an optimistic generation’s greatest hopes for humanity -- hopes that have remained largely unfulfilled to this day. Many young people from the “hippie” era seemed to honestly believe the world was being transformed into a kinder, gentler, more enlightened place, and there have been some positive changes since the 1960’s, to be sure. Unfortunately, many of the worst practices and attitudes that were prevalent back then are still commonplace today. I believe the majority of those who were part of the ‘60’s counter-culture were genuinely idealistic and sincere in their desire for a better world, but they were wrong in thinking we were on the cusp of entering the world they envisioned. I’m afraid the utopian “Age of Aquarius” they dreamed of is unlikely to ever exist.
Rutterman Rutterman
41-45, M
Aug 22, 2014