Interactive Music Is Fun

I like electronic music, you know, the international underground kind.  Techno, minimal, electro, psychedelic trance, drum n bass.  I started off on a cheap pair of off brand turntables, upgraded to Technics, and now I use CDJs.  Haven't bothered with the Traktor and laptop stuff, at least not yet.  I like the feeling of using dedicated hardware.  The best thing about DJ music is that it just keeps flowing and moving, drawing the people at the party into it.  It's not that I don't like "regular music" and live bands, but when a DJ takes the best of the best and serves it up in a mix that takes you on a journey, it's a vibe you can't get any other way.  When you're the one doing it, especially working together with your friends, it's awesome.  Too bad only 20 other people have this experience.

LateNightBlues LateNightBlues
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1 Response May 5, 2010

I use Traktor with two 1200's and a mackie d.4 mixer. The feel is exactly like vinyl since you are using control records. The only problem I faced was there was a buzz/hum underneath the sound even when turned off...but I found it was a ground problem in the wall that I had the laptop plugged into at home. Fixed that and never looked back.