Kzum's "dr. Rock & The Medicine Show"

I am a volunteer DJ for community radio KZUM in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Although I live in Omaha, Nebraska, 60 miles away from the station, I have driven to the station once a week for more than eight years to do my show that airs in the middle of the night. 

I have refused job offers that would have conflicted with this position.  I have driven through thunderstorm, hail, snow, and ice storms so I could do the show.  In the more than eight year history of this show, there have only been two occasions where I was unable to make it to do my show.

Not only do I not receive any money to do my show, but I also have to be a paid member of the station (membership like you hear any public radio or TV station asking for during pledge drives).

You can actually listen to my show online @, if you're interested at all.E
MedicineShow MedicineShow
56-60, M
Oct 31, 2011