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Djing In Clubs Since 2005

I've been working in nightclubs as a DJ since 2005. I first started in rock and metal nights, playing those sorts of tunes, originally for my university rock society when they hired out a local club.

Since then, I got more involved in the rock scene here, and got a residency playing in a large rock club in a local town. After that, I had another large rock/indie residency near where I lived. On one memorable night I DJed to 700 people (Halloween 2007) - and closed the night - which means played the last tunes in the final set.

After that, I worked for Club NME as a resident indie DJ, although I didn't get to do quite as much DJing as I liked, I often closed the night. This was good as the club was always busy and packed. Recently I've started working for a local club here, as the main room DJ, although I don't think that will continue due to having problems with the promoter - I don't find him to be very professional.

DJing is great fun, as I get to share my music tastes and knowledge with other people - I get to read the crowd, and play music I know they'll like, and have the reward of them dancing and jumping off the walls if all goes well. Personally I don't find it very social anymore, it was when I was starting out, but now I think I'm a bit older and more focused on doing a good job.

The music industry in general is really challenging to work in, as promoters often don't keep their word, sometimes don't pay DJs, and the whole business is sometimes cuthroat and underhanded. However I still genuinely love music, and really like introducing new music that people in the club may not have heard of before, but like.

emptyroads emptyroads 26-30, M Dec 24, 2009

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