My First Round As An Intern

  Durying medical school one of our tasks is to take part in rounds in a real hospital with a doctor. One day my group and I were with a rather rude doctor who felt he knew everthing. Anyway we walked into a room that was occupied by an elderly lady who had recently had a hip replacement. The doctor our group was with more or less ripped her chart from its place on the end of her bed and announced very rudely the this patient was on pain medication she did not need. The chart was past around and when it got to me to my shock I saw the only pain medicine the lady was receiving was regular Tylonol. Now I'd never had a hip replacement but I knew it must be painful. Because of that elderly patient to this day I am very passionate about ordering pain meds. to keep my patients comfortable.
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Believe me- arrogance is alive and well in Medicine today! Wonderful example that all young doctors should read! By the way, I am a physician.

I don't know if I should tell you this but I thought the story was kind of funny. It's not funny the lady was in pain but it's funny the guy was so errogant and cocky. How awkward for you! Is it all possible he was testing you guys to see if you were paying attention or was he just really full of himself?

I must say pain is realative. I have been both undermedicated and overmedicated. It was hard to find a dr. that trusted my judgement and worked with me to find pain management that didn't leave me retarded the whole day. In winter I end up on about 120mg of morphonesulfate ER but in spring I slowly ween off of it because in the heat of summer I can manage the pain without meds.

wow. what a retard.<br />
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i started on ortho too. oxycontin sr twice daily and endone for breakthrough is the norm, so i'm amazed that that guy thought she didnt' even need panadol

I too am glad to hear there is a good doc out there, compassion should be one of the qualifications and the first thing they look for on resumes. I have a great doctor and i have no trouble getting the right pain meds when i need them. he is also a christian and not afraid to admitt it or even talk about it . I think that is also a great thing too. god bless you .

I just read your story and it was good to here. You see I have sarcoidosis and because doctors do not a lot about this lung diesase it is hard to understand some of the things that happens to me.. I am often in a lot of pain I was told I had sarcoid in July 1997. The pain came and it came hard. At first the told me it was in my head that is until my blood pressure would not go down. Then I started having problems with my heart After a while they finally listen it's like doctors do not listen. So to that there is actually a doctor out there with true compassion make me feel really good. DO NOT EVER CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Promise Me