Case study for all you doctors: my dad is a 49 year old Caucasian retired veteran with pulmonary, cardiac, and orthopedic issues. He has sleep apnea (treated with a C PAP machine), He is 100 lbs overweight, type 2 diabetic (his last hemoglobin A1c count was 7.2), responds well to the nitroglycerin patch, has high Cholesterol, experiences angina daily, shortness of breathe, major diaphoresis among little exertion, and is frequently bradycardic at night. Also, his O2 sats were as low as 85% the other night. Dealing with the VA doctors is like pulling teeth!!! They do not have him on metformin (or any other diabetic drug
And will not prescribe it), will not perform a cardiac catheter, do not have him on a statin drug (even though his LDL's are in the 150's and HDL's around 25), they do not have him on a thiazide diuretic (even though is frequently hypertensive, again will not prescribe it). The best they have him on is 5 mg of lisinopril and I had to argue with the doctor today to prescribe him long acting nitroglycerin. I am deathly afraid my dad is going to have a heart attack/stroke! Please help me! :(
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well its difficult to advise with out seeing and examining the pts. what was his last blood sugar. what is his bp now.