As I stuffed the little toddler's nose full of gauze infused with cocaine, I wondered if the attending on the case ever mentioned this part of the surgery to the parents.  Not that I think he should have, exactly, since we don't get into the details of surgeries (unless the parents are interested and ask), and cocaine is quite the useful drug for control of bleeding, especially in ear-nose-throat surgeries, but it still has such strong (negative) connotations.

The other day we were in a different surgery, quite a complicated one, and it occurred to us that cocaine would come in handy for a part of it, but when we called up to the pharmacy, we were informed that they didn't have any in stock.  At which point one of our attendings, who is maybe the nerdiest man I know, said, "Oh, I've got some in my office," and went to get it.  Hilarious.  (We didn't get to use it anyway - the pharmacy wouldn't approve its use, even though they were the ones who had issued it previously.  They had no sympathy for that fact that NOT using cocaine would lead to us having to use another technique, which was much less optimal, especially in a complicated case like this one where we could've used all the help we could get.)  Anyway, the patient ended up doing fine.  So far anyway.

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It is unfortunate that things that could be used to help others end up being abused so they cannot help any. People will abuse something the minute they get their hands on it to push their limits. Sad because it makes doctors perform risky procedures that are scary and costly instead of treating the patient in the most efficient and safe way.<br />
<br />
In regards to "sitting5years" comment: Damn, where the hell is the delete button when you need it. Geesh. Everything from blood sugar, sores, mammogram, thyroid, IV with pants down, cyst, psycho? Yep. I'd say so. Some people are beyond help. Best shot would be a bullet.

being sober 18 years........<br />
<br />
That is the 1st time I have felt like doing a LINE!<br />
maybe its the facts...MY facts<br />
My facts as I sit here doubled over......In DEEP GUT Wrenching PAIN!, <br />
feels daily like I was BEAT in my ribs DAMIT!<br />
dam my doctor,who thus far has missed many test results....THE BLOOD SUGAR 3 years+ she never asked me,WHY I was not fasting,I WOULD HAVE SAID" I AM" BECAUSE I KEPT asking her" when the test said 133 127 148 just latest 144! DIDNT ALL THE SORES ON MY ARMS THAT I HAVE SHOWN HER..IM IN TROUBLE ARENT I DOCTOR?<br />
if you are one????? ISNT MY SUGAR HIGH! she was reading as a non fasting test what the heck? DOES SHE CARE.<br />
I AM SUFFERING AND DO NOT LIE nor do I EXAGGERatE i need to be well!<br />
do no harm? just PLACATE? this is better? NATIONAL PRACTITIONERS DATA BANK has the info I NEED! I cant give consent that I HAVE MADE A INFORMED DECISION! <br />
My left underarm aching,as there is a Large node that is elongated<br />
(i am told the ultra sound was neg)? coincidentally I needed a follow up on my MAMMOGRAM? weird hu? GOD HELP ME.<br />
Please GOD HELP US ALL!<br />
and there are several other hard marble sized that are sooo painful for over 10 months now.. and<br />
l all need a Biopsy all 8 of the inflamed ones,<br />
THE PARATHYROID? see my story on my IV PANTS DOWN........ see the Image of my 2.5 cm" FREAKING SIMPLE CYST" that is not mentioned any longer in the latest that IS THERE! DAG NABBIT.ITHAT LITTLE THISG Has changed and no one compared my Images..she only reads reports I TOLD HER!<br />
that it changed and she refused and TOLD ME OH MY FRIEND had same dam! ..bla bla! <br />
was discovered 2005, is my GUT PAIN SOMATIC? PSHYCO SOMATIC? I AM NOT A DR I DO NOT KNOW...if it is ,I am not afraid of who and what My body does.....I WANT FACTS AND current stasis! not LIES AND SCREW UPS! help