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I started through Co-op in highschool when i was 18 only bathing and drying dogs. After i graduated highschool, on and off i helped out the same lady i worked with during Co-op. Recently i decided to learn how to clip their hair according to their breeds and begun the process of applying to college to get my full groomer's license. Also on the side i groom long haired cats. Something i'm good at........Yay for me!!!!
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hey sleepychihuahua, there are a few options on how to learn dog grooming skills, the best would be to speak to a few groomers in ur town or city and asking if they will teach u if u pay them. Here it costs about five thousand dollars. (this is my best option and what i highly recommend for the hands on training)<br />
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Or u could search on google for online correspondence for dog grooming, a good course will cost over five thousand dollars unfortunately. <br />
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Message me if u want to ask more i'd be happy to answer to the best of my abilities.

What are the requirements for getting your groomer's license? <br />
I'm like flunking out of college lol. I was thinking this would be a good side thing for me to do until maybe I can get my ish together. How's everything working out for you? I'd love to hear from someone who's had experience with the process instead of all these schools and things online you know? <br />
I wish you luck with everything tho! Especially if it's what you love doing C:

lol thanks guys


Oh, I'm so proud of you !! I could really use a groomer right now... I have two long-haired dogs and they both need a clip but I don't know how and the groomer close to me did a terrible job last time I went there :( I wish you all the best getting your groomer's license. ((hugs))