I Love Cats But...

I'm allergic to cats!!!!!!!!! I am actually a repressed cat person!!!!!  I had three cats when I was young. That's how I found out I am allergic to them.
I had two calicos and a black and white with double paws and six toes. Their names were Spider, Skeeter and Scatter. I loved them to death. My calicos were the biggest sweethearts in the world, very cuddly and lovable.

My black and white, Skeeter, was a huntress and she would bring me dead birds and leave them under my chair!!!!!

I still love cats to this day. But, if I am sitting next to a cat owner, I will start to get a sniffly nose. If I am visiting the home of a cat owner, I can't help myself, I am going to pet the cat, and the cat is going to make friends with me and rub itself up against me. All cats seems to love me, I don't know why. Maybe because I love them. But then, my eyes will start to water a bit, and my nose will itch. If I remember to take allergy pills in advance, I am usually okay.

I am even a teeny bit allegic to some dogs.

BUT I have found that I can live with the breeds of dogs that are mis-named as "hypo-allergenic". They really aren't, but I do have fewer problems with their dander.

So I have become a dog person, and that's all right. I love my dogs. But I just adore Cats!

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The culpret of most cat and dog allergies isn't so much the animal itself......its the dust, pollen, dirt mites, etc that they carry back into the house after being outside.

You are most likely right. I went outside yesterday and the world is covered in Oak and Pine pollen like a fine mist. Today I am coughing badly.

Border Collies are wonderful dogs! And Poms are so cute!! I have a little Maltese right now. My dogs before him were a bichon-poo and a cocker-poo, and it nearly killed me when they passed on. I love my dogs like children. Today I unpacked some photos to put up on my refrigerator of all my old pets...and my cats were there!!!! Along with my two beloved dogs that are gone....and a greyhound who has gone as well. My little Maltese is helping me do my laundry tonight....and fiercely growls when he must return to the apartment!!! Apparently he wants to do hallway patrol!!!

I am owned by three cats and love them to bits. It's good to know that you love border collies too....intelligent good looking dogs!

I admire so many animals. Since this was originally written back in 2010, a few things have changed. My little Maltese has gone, and I have rescued a cat named Oscar. He has taken over my pillow...rather shoves me off of it when I want to go to sleep at night, and demands petting time...so I know what you mean by "being owned".

It's a symbiotic relationship isn't it but probably mainly on their terms if we honest! I'm sorry you no longer have your dog but the best way to fill the void is to let another animal into it in my humble opinion.
On the subject of Border Collies, they originate from an area about fifty miles north of me along the English Scottish border. Wonderful dogs from a wonderful part of the world!

I have family in England...not near you, of course...but I would love to go back and visit again.

I hope you do sometime and if you get the chance to stop by in the northeast of England you'll find friendly welcoming people and the highest concentration of castles in Britain.....all due to the shenanigans between the English and the Scots in the past not forgetting the wall the Romans built to keep the Scots out almost two thousand years ago. It was as far north as the Roman empire managed to control. I could rattle on about it but you'd probably choose not come north then. I will say though that my area is often just passed through in the rush to get from London to Edinburgh so call in if you can - I don't mean to see me though as that WOULD spoil your trip lol.

I am certain it would be the highlight of my trip. As a matter of fact, I am convinced there are tourist signs all about already pointing to you. LOL! I am fascinated by the history of the border wars, simply because I am so interested in family history, and my paternal grandmother had a great deal of Scots blood, while my paternal grandfather's family were recent immigrants from England. So the border runs down the middle of my body, so to speak.

I realise that this is all off thread but I'll answer anyway. I'm delighted to read that you're thinking of coming to see what I think is just one of the best areas I know and that sings are being erected as we speak pointing you in the direction of your ancestors ( you have an interesting heritage) as well as the ancestral home of the one...the only....the gorgeous Border Collie! I have a feeling if you see any though a fair proportion will be doing what they were bred for and may not be in dog show condition as mud and bad weather mean little to them. Did you know for instance that a working dog can run in excess of eighty miles in a day which is why they need so much exercise when they're pets and can often become bored and destructive to homes as they get bored easily. But you had one so know their traits no doubt.
I'm so pleased you have "The Border" running right through you and can say with almost certainty you'll love it but if you can hire a car as that way you'll really get the essence of the areas rich history.

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I have a similar problem to you,I am allergic to cats also,we had them as children,no problems however when I was about 18 they started to make me sneeze,as time went by my skin would be effected and a rash would appear,my asthma would be triggered if I stroked one of the cats and I would break out in hives.<br />
I found my love for dogs when I moved out from my parents home at 21 and I got a border collie,I adored that faithful dog and it cut like a knife when he passed on at 14.<br />
Currently I have 2 Collies,one is 17 and the other 4 .In addition I have a pomerenamium a toy dog who thinks she owns the house.I adore all my dogs,I have just glanced across the room the 4 year old is snoring,he is content.

Well, someday, if you ever decide to cross over into doggie world, the Maltese are really, really cute!!!!

You have my sympathies, I have 5 kitties, it is a dog I lack.