My First Real Dom To Sub Relationship

Yes, The above three ladies ARE my first Dom Experience. One that is still going on strong. I met Nessa (the one in the woods wearing a black thong) on's forums and we hit it off there. After a short time talking I approached her with possibly becoming my personal toy and she agreed. That was 6 months ago.

I did not at the time know this but she was on probation for something that wasn't her fault and when she went home to visit her mother, lex (the one in the white thong), and keke (the one in the semi-transparent dress I kept her up late and lex got extremely angry with me. It wasn't until afterwards when she was apologizing for getting on my case that she discovered that she too wanted to have a dom/master again. The last of this little trio of subs was chatting with me when I decided that she would be a wonderful addition to the little family I had going on and asked her about it. She was currently recovering from an abusive dom who was very cruel to her but agreed to become my pet.

Now I had the full set and god what a ride it's been so far.

Selonianth Selonianth
18-21, M
Feb 9, 2010