There Is One Me and a Million Things to Do


I had never thought of being a stay at home wife and mommy as anything more than just staying home, until I found this group. We do deserve an honorable title such as “domestic engineer.” Taking care of a child, a husband, and a home is no easy task, but it can be a very rewarding job. It is my opinion that a lot of people really don’t see how  much work there is involved in taking care of a family; it is a full time job. It is a job that I am proud of having.


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Staying at home is such an unappreciated job. I wish people wouldnt judge you for it. People ask "what you do?" and when you tell them , they ask "how old are your babies?" Then I tell them there ages 19-16-9-8, There response is"oh are'nt they in school?" So It makes me feel like I do not do anything. Then the conversation ends and then they ask my husband what he does, then there is questions and they show him interest, and no judgement. My friends have all gone back to work or school, I do feel like I am being left behind. I look at my 19 and 16 year old and they have turned out to be great young adults, so I need to give my 9 and 8 year olds the time to as long as we can afford it. Domestic Engineer I really like that name, it works!

Being a stay at home Mom is hard work, and under-appreciated. In my youth, most women stayed home and raised the kids. There was much less bad activity by the kids, because Mom was there. I think a good title for these wonderful ladies is "Queen of the Castle." God bless you and your family.

In addition to last night's reply, may I add the following.
As QUEEN of the CASTLE, you are in charge not only of your children, but also your husband. Assign chores to ALL of your subjects; enforce strict discipline, including extra chores, spanking, grounding, etc. You must be treated respectfully, allow no backtalk. YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!
One weekend per month, declare Queen's Holiday. If possible, go away with a lady friend. Your husband (consort) must run the house.
When all your subjects are trained, you will have more time to gather with your lady friends for golf, bridge, book club, or whatever.
Your subjects will be better behaved, do a lot of the chores, and treat you as what you are:ROYALTY.
Please follow my advice, your Majesty. GOD BLESS AND SAVE THE QUEEN.

It's an important job to the future of our children.<br />
I stayed home with my children for 6 years, until they were all in school. I am the first to come to the defense of the 'stay at home mom, and housewife'. It's much appreciated by your family, and very under-appreciated by society as a whole.<br />
<br />
In this world where so often it takes two incomes just to pay the bills, you are lucky to be able to take advantage and expand your opportunity to stay home and raise your children yourself, with your morals, your values, and your love!