looking for a slave who is willing to have fun with me that involves licking sucking and kissing!
mistressmica mistressmica
31-35, F
16 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Please read my profile and own me, Mistress.

Your wish my command!

im very submissive would love to be yourslave add me so we can chat and work it out

That is hot! I would like that!

I'll be your slave

Can i be your slave?

Hello Mistress Mica - I would be so honored to be your slave and to submit to you. I would love to lick your body all over, suck your nipples and **** until you come, and to kiss you gently on your mouth, ****, shoulders, neck, ears, back, and anywhere else you command me...

I hope to talk to you more,

I am all yours my master.

Hi mistress. I wanna do anything u ask me to deserve u. Yes anything

Oh I wish I were close by. I would do as instructed.

omfg!!!! my dream job. whatever u say I can do

and will do

I have always been dominant, but now I would love to see the other side. Would do just about anything Mistress asked of me

Anything, anytime, anywhere Mistress. Until Mistress is bored of my worthless presence and kicks me aside until the next time.

Where do u live?

sure :D