What I Want.

I want a submissive woman. I want the woman that cooks, cleans, and maintains the home. She could work if she wanted to, but would not be forced to. I live on a 73 acre farm and do a lot of physical labor, she could participate if she chose however I prefer to do most of the labor and cooking dinner. She would have duties such as pleasuring my needs and being told what to wear and when she may ***. I also enjoy restricting her ******* and privileges when she has disobeyed. I want a woman who willingly submits and does not have to be forced to submit. If you want a man like me feel free to message me.
Brian1mccalister Brian1mccalister
22-25, M
4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Wish there were more men like this in the world, always wanted to meet someone with this mind set. Never know where to look for them

The clothes part is a bit extreme. That's wear you lost it. Your need to control shows a lot about you. Which is something you need help with.

Wearing what you want her to wear is a bit extreme. Everything else is ok as long as you do it in a safe, loving and compassionate manner. Brian you lost your mind

How did I lose my mind

Well hello sailor... :)