Our Secret

Do you ever feel like you're carrying a secret? To all these people you interact with during a day, you have to come off like you're perfectly normal. You look around at all these ordinary people and wonder what would happen if they knew that you're not like that, not like them. To family, colleagues, all but a small handful of close friends, I'm a normal educated professional adult. Driven and decisive, but no more. I move through their world, noticed but not recognized. Strangers pass by on the street, cashiers give me change, waitresses bring me my drink, family and friends open their birthday presents, and all the while they have no idea that I am not all I seem to be. If you saw me in a crowd, would you know the truth about me? Maybe you would. Maybe our eyes would meet and you'd see it flash across my face: "If I wanted, I could have you easily, ****." And then it would be gone.

Or maybe we'd pass each other by, and you would never guess that if I had been alone with you, I might have ****** you like wild animals ****. Your face and head down, my teeth on the nape of your neck from behind you. Maybe you would fight me. It wouldn't much matter.

Maybe you'd fight because you want to feel me overpower you. Because every time I take control of you, you gasp, your hair stands up, and you start to feel the slick between your legs. So that when I bend you over, pull it out and thrust it in you, you're already dripping down your legs from feeling that power. If I wanted to, I could **** your mouth and make you sit with your knees apart so that I could smell your ***** getting wetter at me using you. Like the wild animal you are. Your sex gushes at the thought that I will give you my seed whenever and however I want to. Maybe you struggle with me because you know you get the most intense pleasure from being taken, used, degraded, *made* to serve.

The people in your life, they can never know what they could never understand. They are on the outside of you, looking in. I am inside you, looking out.

When you move through your world, who knows what I know about you?
malathion malathion
26-30, M
4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Wow! i do wonder the same things! Incredible

that turned me on...thank you Sir :)

Actually I do wonder about that! When I pass people in my everyday life I wonder who might be dominant and if they can see a submissive when not in the role?

Thank you for sharing...loved it.

"They are on the outside of you, looking in. I am inside you, looking out"

Just how it should be.:)