Spanking My Tenant

Hi I was renting a property while abroad and it was agreed to be sub letted out due to the tenants requirement for further study. I then found out the the two young ladies who were very naughty liked to be spanked. They agreed that if they didnt do as they were told and were naughty there bottoms would be spanked over my knee.
Then one day while collecting rent I was invited in to the one ladies bedroom and there she had just come out the shower. She then dropped the rent cheque and as I got up dropped the towel as well. She knew what she was doing but didnt bargain on what was to follow. I told her to fetch a wooden spoon from the kitchen and come back immediately and go across my lap to get the spanking she deserves. As she did so I started to spank her with my had about swats on each cheek which caused me to had a hard erection. I then picked up the wooden spoon and continued the spanking while she was wriggling and squirming under the swats. I only stopped when her bare bottom was bright red and by then we were both very aroused and turned on. The passions flowed after I stopped spanking and were both were very satisfied when we were finished satisfying each other.
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Last month you spanked me and said I could only stay with you without paying rent if I became a nudist! What happens this month when I can't pay?

I will have to spank your naughty bottom for the money owed and you still need to be the nudist

That's all? You don't want to raise my rent?

you may find that there is more to this than meets the eye when this takes place

You're being mysterious. You must have a plan!

I always have a plan to make you beg for it to stop and then you will have to satisfy my arousal to give your bottom a brief respite or break from the spanking

Story time please!

okay to your inbox and how good are they?

Yes, OK to my Inbox. (Good. But you can do better!)

you very brattish aren't you

I can be a good girl (sometimes). Really, I can. Encourage/motivate me!

well Chrissy need to behave so I don't have to give her bottom a bare naughty girl spanking so we can get on just fine with each other and enjoy pleasant times toether

Being bad is more exciting.

yes it is and more arousing for the reason to spank you too

You have NO IDEA how bad/bratty I can be! (Or do you?) Especially if I'm feeling bored/neglected and it's been too long since my last spanking!!

well its a pity your in the US as my knee is vacant and would love to take you in hand right now

Excuses, excuses. You could send me a plane ticket! (Tee hee. I told you I could be bad!)

don't tempt me so I can cane your bare arse

I do tempt you. Admit it. (You said "arse"! That's so British! What's next, rhyming slang?)

yes well what did you expect and will expect to be pleasured too you so naughty and very tempting indeed

Tell me a story with "arse" and "bum" and "quim" and other kool Britishisms in it. (I dare you!)

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