Spanking A Insurance Advisor

I had to go see an insurance consultant to see about a life insurance quote. The happened over a number of weeks. One day she got incredibly flirty and sensual in her manner towards me. She went to the bathroom and it seemed she wasnt wearing a bra on her return. She then wasked for a policy beween her and me. I asked her whats in the policy and she said anything I want so I told she would to be ******** naked in her office and be spanked my be over my knee and with a short handled duster and then we can see where we go from there.
She took me by the hand and handed me the duster and tok her dress off and suspected she wasnt wearing a bra nor was she wearing and panties or knickers either. She had short blonde hair and was 5ft 8" with very sensual curves and a pale skin and her nipples were hard and erect.
I then sat in a straight back chair and took her over my knee. I then proceeded to hand spank her until her bottom was dark pink in colour. I then picked up the duster handle and continued seeing her wriggle and squirm under the swats I gave her on that lovely firm bottom. This made her plead for it too stop but it was a very enjoyable experience


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No tickling? What a waste of the feather duster!

Really, I am sure if you were in her shoes you would have such a comment

and where do you travel?

that sounds like fun

then ava you should be getting a thorough spanking over my knee by that admission


and are you a naughty young lady too?


Then Ava need a thorough spanking over my knee pm me

I can feel it through pm :)

you need to feel it in person lol

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