Enjoy The Mental Domination More ..

I have been enjoying a secret BDSM lifestyle for last few years and have met three couples ( cuckold) and two males who enjoyed to b dominated
the mental domin ation always attracts me more..but it needs a bit of time for that understanding and to grow and the submissive slowly begins to rely and submit competely to the master.
I also do care to see that submissives dont miss their end of the fun and are phisically unhurt.

Remebered my experience with an Indian Couple..
The husband understood that he is being cuckolded but could never accept it completely...
He used to feign that he doesnt understand while we were having fun ...
So he was basically neglecting his need to be cuckolded.
Slowly about 3 months down the line, he came sround when she told him to stay out of the bedroom while we were in it, but would never lock the bedroom door to ensure privacy.
I guess about 5 months and he accepted ... but did never participate and mostly stayed out..

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yes, the mental is so effective.