I Took Control From Day One

I am bonky 16's wife & Mistress, i have always been a Dominant woman love wearing leather & long boots. When i first met my husband i noticed he could not keep his eyes off my boots, that was the first sign he was a submissive & from that day i have taken full advantage of him he is now my slave, he loves to see me wearing my long black leather stiletto heel boots i like to wear them when i go out with my boy friend to the Fem-Dom club, hubby is under lock & key at home doing the housework. I have made a lot of friends that are into Fem-Dom sub males & Dominant Ladies, i have just been to a slaves house clearance, one of the Dominant Ladies i have made friends with has decided to move her slave in with her & she asked me if i would like to help clear her slaves house out he had a lot of furniture to move & we would have a BBQ party at the same time, her slave thought the furniture was going to be moved to his Mistresses house but he got a big shock his Mistress had handcuffed him to a handrail in the back garden. By then two more girls had turned up his Mistress said it looks like we are all suitably dressed for the job lets have some fun & she started to smash up the furniture, it did not take long for the 4 of us to smash & burn all her slaves furniture, he was in tears begging us to stop but we had so much fun we had no intension of stopping untill it was all burnt
Bonky16 Bonky16
1 Response May 5, 2012

That is the pinnacle of sexiness those black stiletto boots, those are my absolute weakness.