Face Sitting

I recall the first time I facesat him after taking control. I did it fully whilst keeping my panties and tights on. The point of the exercise was to make a statement. He thought he was going to perform oral, which he likes. I simply lifted my skirt and dropped, not too gently, onto his face. Grinding myself into him produced partial suffocation along with panic and fear. His nose and mouth were sore for a day or two as heavier denier nylon can be quite abrasive. Oral pleasure is of course very nice and occassionally I indulge him but this way is purely a power statement. I have repeated the exercise since and have noticed that it does create humiliation within him. There is no pleasure for him in this.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

Do you make him lick your ******* as you sit on his face? Does he get hard? Do you slap his **** as you sit on his face?