But Weakness Disgusts Me.

Even though I like to dominate I HATE oversubmissive people. Their weakness disgusts me. If you want me you have to fight. I don't want to ever end up in that kind of relationship again where my man/woman is weak and frail and does not ever have their own opinion because I was the boss. I don't like to get anything easy in my life, I'm a fighter and that's what I want to be. I want to deserve the respect and I want to break the limits to know just how strong my partner is. And I want the same things from them. You're not going to get anything by trying to please me, be who you ******* are and make me know who I'm up against.
I have "toughened up" way too many guys already but I don't wanna go there again. Don't worship me , fight with me for **** sake! Literally in this case.
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I think a lot of people are misunderstanding. A submissive resisting is not the same as physically fighting or hitting the domme. It is all about the anticipation of surrender, the moment when the sub's power starts to slip from him to the domme. As he slips under her spell so to speak. If a sub gives in too easily it doesn't build that anticipation, and it is kind of anitclimatic. I believe that is what you are speaking of is about mental resistance, not physical.

There is not much literal fight in me but I can be pretty sassy. lol

hey do you want fight, i mean a real fist fight ,,

Well, I enjoy any kind of dominant woman. But I may just be too submissive for you in this case. I like to completely give in to my (preferably) mistress.

But then again, if you want me to I can put up a fight and be a bit of a *****! c:

Fine i'll attack you and punch you in the face, till your knocked out cold!!! What are are you going to do about it!!??

Calm the **** down, you\'d never hit me anyway.

Ya I would, I'd knock your teeth out!

This is a nice thought, as long as the fighting is productive. There are times when I tried to be assertive but it only seemed to fuel the fire. Times when I tried to fight but it seemed to only make things worse, like attacking The Hulk, it does no damage whatsoever and only makes him get angrier and grow even bigger and stronger.

I wish flaring angry violent passions would always leave to flaring angry violent epic sex but it doesn't always, although maybe I need to learn how to fight better.

If I was tied up and gaged, with a note taped to my back that said wedgie torture the hell out of him!! Also at the bottom there was $30 for who ever did it!! So you walk by and see me, what do you do??!! Also there are thongs, granny panties and g-strings laying next to me!!

Ignore you.

Why would you ignore me?

Cause I\'m not into that kind of stuff. At all.

Fine what are you into??!!

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right then lets see how you handle this.. "you fancy a bare knuckle fist-fight",

I doubt very much that your attitude will ever bring you long lasting happiness. I like a good argument and people who like to back their opinions. So try to prove me wrong I am arguing that you have had only exciting spurs in your relations but deep inside it all is very hollow!

Not arguing with that kind of blank statement. Have an opinion with somekind of prove, not a guess. That's just boring.


Yea bang on I love a strong woman but want a fight for surpremesy !!!

lets fight little girl

ya im submissive but not weak. i just like to be tied up other than that im not really submissive at all. i usually just go with the flow but usually the flow is somethink that i wanna do! haha if u want a relationship with a cool fun loving dude that will let u dominate him from time to time lemme know k!

1. speak english
2. you didn't understand my point, NOT at all.
and 3. no thanks.

Fiesty, I like it!

Abuse begets abuse, screwing over people and their kids for generations, cauterizing the soul and ripping what's human out of us. I hope advanced societies continue getting better at healing the wounds and preventing it from happening in the first place; 'good thing is that it looks like we're headed in that direction.

As much as I enjoy a dominant woman, I think you have opened a can of worms with this one. I think they missed the comment that weakness disgusts you, thanks for the chuckle......


To dominate the dominant, and to, in the process, understand his nature and him yours? Interesting way to build a relationship, if that is what you're getting at.

What I hate is when I'm arguing with someone and they fold up instead of either proving their point or proving they've assimilated my point. People like that will never understand my underlying motivation which is to test ideas and perspectives to find the truth, not so much to test them. I make people feel that I consider them stupid (so they say), and that's sad because if I'm arguing with you, I already don't consider you stupid. They miss out on the fact that they have my respect. Most people I won't even talk to.

I'm an Artist, fighting for my dream.

I consider myself very strong and intelligent both mentally and spiritually. I feel I am a knight seeking a Goddess to serve and fight for. That is why I am here, seeking. I am powerful when I have someone to fight for. I have spent the past years wondering from place to place, painting, learning and honing my skills. I feel my talent is meant to serve a Goddess, empowering Her, raising Her ever higher, leaving works of Art so beautiful they will last for eternity.


lmao, she just said she does not want to be worshiped. why would she want you to serve her? she said shes a dominant woman. why would she not want to handle things her self? she doesn't want to be given the world. She wants to take it her self. You would bore her. She said shes a fighter. SO don't offer protection. Give entertainment. improve the entertainment that you have with her if you have it. She can protect her self. you dont need to step in until shes out numbered.

Shes a fighter. stop hitting her attackers in the face. She wants to hit them. let her get hit so she can feel the excitement of not knowing if she will win. you would not fight a mans fight for him. So don't fight hers!


I very much like the way you think. Your handle is thought-provoking. I sense in you the appreciation of having the intimate knowledge your partner, making your encounters that much better. Never have I considered myself a submissive, but were I to meet someone like you, who is willing to take the time to get to know someone, it would be worth learning.

Blessed Be

I know what you mean. I love to resist mentally. I love the feeling of a woman seducing me, casting her spell over me...I resist with all my might, fight against my own lust as she stokes it masterfully....but I always seem to succumb in the end. ;-)

No you clearly do not know what I mean.

lol ksmith7070, you described one of the main pleasures of a submissive person. demanding is submissive. Your just defending so they dominate you more. then you submit fully.

that's the way the world is going, everyone's getting weaker!