My Subs!

I have a few guys on EP that I love to Dom. All of them are so different it always makes me wet. There are 3 that I love to Dom whenever I can.

The first one loves for me to tell him how I'm going to take his ***. I love to make him have a butt plug in him all day while he at work. Just knowing that he has it him and guys he works with have clue is such a turn on for me. But he has a little problem with fallowing orders and has to punished often. My favorite punishment for him is having him put ice cubes up his *** and letting them melt there, sometimes I will have him put in his butt plug at the same time to.

The second guy LOVES to be humiliated, I must admit at first I didn't think I would get into it but now I really do enjoy it. He's with someone but does not get sex from her, I know why though, he has a really small ****. Not the smallest I have seen but smaller then the guys I normally ****. I wonder if he could ever really please any woman. I wonder if I would even be able to feel his tiny **** in me. I know that I can be as mean to him as I like and take out all my anger on him and he LOVES it. I can spank him, tie him up, pull him around by his hair, make him clean me up from our sex. Anything I want to do to him. I love it!

The third guy is my slave. He is a lot older then me and I love it. He's ticklish and loves to be tied up when he's tickled. All I can ever think about is strapping him up down on his bed spread eagle and tickling him as ride his hard ****. I also love to tease him at work and have him wear a **** ring for me. I love him his nice suits and a **** ring. It's so hot! I also can't wait to **** his virgin *** with a strap-on, or better yet having my boyfriend **** his *** while I have eat my ***** so he can't make a sound. who needs a gag lol!

I will write more personal stories about them later but for now this will have to do.
AngelAndDemon AngelAndDemon
6 Responses Jan 23, 2013

You make me wonder.... could I be yours to use???

Idk all my subs from this story are gone.

Sounds like you have fun with your subs

I try to lol!

You're right, it "did do" as reading this made me hard at work - again! You are my magic woman.

Awwwwww I'm sorry I'm not there to help you ol man! But i love it when your hard at work and i can see it through your suit.

You can see the "impression" you left in these slacks. They are gray and fit real nice and show everything real easy.

Mmmmmmmm send me a pic baby!

Great story, please add more about them.

I will soon! just got to figure out what to write and who to write about first lol!

I can't decide. They all sound great. I'm sure whatever you write will be just as good.

You sound like even more fun!

Im glad you like it ;)

very well wrote loved the sould of it !


your so welcome