I Like To Humiliate Men

I am a tall, powerful black female and I enjoy “dating” white men. I am 6’ 3” with a big chest, firm round butt and a small waist. My arms and legs are long and strong. I have full lips, a pretty face and very long nails. I am physically, mentally and sexually intimidating.

When I say that I like to date white men, I mean that I like to humiliate and control them.  When I see a man that I want, I ask him out. On a first date, I drive and make the decisions. During the meal, I give my date several firm scratches with my long nails and I like to drop my napkin and tell him to pick it up.  The ideal man accepts my subtle domination and I soon know the submissiveness of my date. Bad dates end after the meal, but good dates go to my apartment for some fun.

Once we enter the apartment, my favorite thing to do is to take off my date's belt.  I start to whip him with the belt, softly at first in a bit of a tease and then harder and harder until he grovels at my feet and begs for mercy.  Next, I pull out my camera to video the humiliation.   I make my date stand in the corner and remove his clothes as I whip his legs, butt and back with the belt.  Once he is helpless and at my mercy, I drag him by the hair to a little stool by my chair.  

Now I turn my date into a scratching pole and I sharpen my my long nails on his soft chest skin.  The first scratch is gentle, almost pleasurable, and the white flesh leaves faint red lines.  I rake the same five stripes over and over again until my date squirms from the pain.  Now I can control him with my little finger and I show him my long pinky nail.  I claw at the most sensitive red line and have total control with just my little finger. 

If he wants mercy, he must become my sissy and put on a bra, panties and make-up.  The truly effeminate get to put on a fashion show and model different outfits for me.  The other sissies become pets that crawl around on a leash and eat and drink out of their pet bowls.  Obedient pets earn a game of fetch. 

At the end, he has to sit at my feet and watch the video. Watching the video of me humiliating my date really turns me on and I get sexually aggressive. I expect to o-r-g-a-s-m every time and my date must obey my sexual instructions.  I enjoy having absolute power and keeping men at my mercy.

PS  I did receive one question about marriage.  I have been married for 4 years.  My husband wanted a traditional relationship and it took a year of constant discipline to turn him into my cuckold.  Bondage, whipping, milking and a good chastity device were my main tools.  I never release him from his chastity device and he always wears his wig, make-up and sissy maid outfit.  He spends his time doing housework, laundry, ironing and being exploited by me.  His only physical contact comes from my claws, my whip, or from under my queening stool.

The only time he is allowed to attempt manhood is after a good milking.  Once he is milked dry, the chastity device is removed and I film his attempts at o-r-g-a-s-m.  The video shows me bored and filing my nails as my impotent husband struggles to perform.  I taunt him and compare my long, hard nails to his short, limp weinee.  I continue to taunt him as I grab my belt and whip him for his failure.

Next, he is placed in bondage and I bring in a real man.  The three of us watch the video of his pathetic failure.  I make my impotent mate beg me not to be with another man and then I force him to watch a real man satisfy me.  After the first round ends, I force my hubby into his sissy outfit and we watch more of his humiliating videos.  I get turned-on by his total humiliation and me and my date start a second round of fun.   

My husband will never leave.  I have my claws in him so deep that it would kill him to escape.  He is the picture of submissiveness and his humiliation and forced feminization are 24/7.  S(he) is my effeminate, impotent puppet.  

New edit       Men can be so messy and rude in the bathroom and my sweet little husband is no exception.  I have fixed the problem by adding a pen with a litter box.  The litter box is actually a child's plastic swimming pool filled with cat litter.  I also trained him to use plastic bags and a scoop to keep it clean.  Each time he used his litter box, I rubbed his nose in it.  He learned very quickly to scoop his litter right after he used it.  Now, if I forget to take him out or I'm too tired to put him on his leash, I don't have to worry about a smelly mess.  He is the perfect pet and the perfect maid. 

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Nice story. Your husband is very lucky!

Very very nice;)

My gf does something similar to me. She lets me get hard then after a minute of sex begins to pressure me like crazy yelling at me not to go soft over and over so that all the neighbors can hear which she knows always does make me go limp. When she starts to feel it go soft she laughs her head off which only makes it worse. I keep thrusting all the while feeling my penis get softer and softer while she smiles more and more till that last thrust does nothing but bend my penis while she watches it soften with amusement. I don't understand why she looks so satisfied after she knows she ruined my erection and sees me standing there with a flaccid penis. What's even worse is she keeps laughing afterwards which causes it to shrivel from its flaccid state to that of a little baby. I am normally 9 inches erect and 6 inches flaccid. She always manages to shrivel it from 9 inches down to 1 inch and seems so satisfied afterwards. Why does this woman love feeling a hard **** go limp inside her and then shrivel after.

I hope you allow him/her to clean you after the real man has deposited his load

Maam (curtsey) thank You for sharing Your views. As a strong powerful Black Female You naturally dominate and expect nothing less than complete obedience from a feminine sissy such as i who is 6 inches shorter than You and who is so small where where Real Men are large and who has natural c cup sissy **** and a round soft spankable 40 inch sissy ***.

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Wow where and how do I find such a true EbonyCruel Queen to own&brand this straight white male sub/slave&**** as my dominant Queens property.

when you were a girl, did you dominate white boys? does it feel natural for you to dominate white males? i am a wm who feels very submissive to black women.

I really like your story. I am a submissive WM sissy who loves serving Dominant Black Women. SO this story really hit home for me. Thanks!

When I am given to my wife/mistresses black ladyfriend to use as a slave she is far more cruel and sadistic than my wife or any of her white friends. She says she is getting revenge for her ancestors who may well have been slaves.Like they probably were I am kept shackled, and whipped without mercy for the slightest misdemeanour.Her favourite torment is to hang me naked and spreadeagled with only my toes touching the floor, then I am whipped slowly so as each lash is felt to its maximum.Usually when my wife gets me back I am a groveling wimp, if I dare to complain she just says I must have deserved it and If I dont want another whipping to keep my mouth shut.Unlike you I cannot say I love it, but I have no choice but to accept it.

My wife/mistress has a black ladyfriend and gets a real kick out of letting her use me as her slave. She says it will teach me how black people felt during the evil days of slavery. When I am in her charge she keeps me shackled and naked ( like slaves should be she says ) especially inferior white males.I am forced to do all her household chores, cleaning washing etc. and am punished for the slightest misdemeanour,She enforces strict rules like aways kneeling in her presence and kissing her feet etc.My wife/mistress has agreed that while I am in her friends charge, she, as my superior has the right to whip me as and when she considers it necessary.I must address her as my divine superior and as she secures me to the ceiling hook to be whipped, she always says, this is going to hurt and you deserve it dont you white boy.Only once did I tell her I didnt, and was whipped a second time for disagreeing with her.

does this black domme ever spank you?

On the few occasions I have been loaned to her I have not been spanked. She has always used a whip and/or riding crop. A spanking would be more agreeable to me but I have no choice in the matter.She does comply with my wifes instructions that I am not to be injured when she punishes me, but it hurts like hell and once she has me tied to the ceiling hook there is no escape, so she can keep me hanging there for as long as she chooses to torment and torture me. It is also very humiliating having to kneel naked at her feet when she says things like,on your knees white boy, or kneel before your superior slave boy.

Gojojohnny if you get such treatment consider your life blessed I,I'd so love to be in that position daily

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