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Dominant Wife And Happy

Maybe I was always a dominant woman, but after my little hubby man begged me to more completely dominant did I more completely take control of him.  I now have him bring me coffee every morning, worship my body and clean the house. Recently I trained him to accept overnight bondage experiences.  During those nights, I have sex with him but leave him bound for a few more hours. That was tough for him to accept at first.  I am still reluctant show him off as my slave in public.  If anyone has thoughts on that, please share them with me.
Outside my home, I am a career professional in education.  The confidence from becoming more dominant at home seems to have emboldened me at work as well.  Just a few hints at being a dominant woman seem to get me the things I want at work. The little men there enjoy my vague suggestions about my dominance and their submission. The woman at my work places also like my confidence.
Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed about always being in control at home.  When I feel this way, I just ask my little hubby man to take over for a while.  I turn into a “little girl” again for a few hours and then come even more dominant.  He really feels my power after one of those sessions. Making him squirm in pain stimulates me.  Once squirming, he is so happy to just be my sex slave.
Now I am the center of my own life.   I am not sure if I should feel guilty about that, so I just do not think about it and enjoy my life.

Aberrant Goddess

AberrantGoddess AberrantGoddess 66-70, F 79 Responses Jun 4, 2010

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As a mature married man who plated the "Bull" role for over 50 years with many many married couples, I find you interesting?
Be who you are!

Bulls can be attracted/distracted by a woman in a red skirt. They can be played with and made to be very entertaining. Horny bulls are easier to attract/distract.
Aberrant Goddess

Thanks for the tip, I have a red blouse and sweater that may come in handy and I will gladly like to get more tips from you?

Mrs.s Mac

sounds delicious ,, not sure if it would work for me xx

I am in a wife led marriage. It is not a slave mistress relationship, But she rules the house and spanks me for breaking her rules and being naughty. When we were dating she seemed to sense my desire to be spanked and confronted me with it. I confessed my desire to be spanked to her and she agreed to spank me. After we moved in together she decided to really show her dominance over me. She bought a couple of skirts and blouses along with some very feminine panties. Of course I was with her when she bought them. She held the skirts up to me for sizing. She had worn my shirts a few times and knew my blouse size pretty good. She had me take them to the register and pay for them. When we got home she dressed me up and put full make up on me. Then she got a straight backed chair and her hair brush and sat down. She placed a box of pink tissue on the floor to her left. She told me that little girls needed pink tissue when they were spanked to dry their eyes and blow their nose with. Then she told me to come stand on her right. She scolded me for a few minutes on my need to obey her. Then she told me to lift my skirt. I did as told. She lowered my peach colored panties and told me to lay across her lap. Even though I had done everything she told me to that day just being dressed as a girl I didn't protest. I meekly complied and layed across her lap. I was soon reduced to tears. We quickly realized that full makeup and spanking don't mix. I was very thankful for the pink tissue. She spanked me but good that day. I just layed there and cried. I didn't kick, wiggle or anything. I just submitted to her. In stores I have no problem holding her purse. I could care less what other guy's think. I always insist on carrying her purchases to the register regardless of what they are . Of course I pay for them! She is the boss and I am her obedient husband. She has turned my bottom black and blue and blistered me, but I always kiss her on the cheek and thank her for spanking me. She knows best what I need. :)

You are an amazing women, and this is a fabulous story that i certainly relate to, as you sound so much like my wife

Does your wife post stories about her adventures in dominance? I would enjoy reading some of them.
Aberrant Goddess

Mistress L my wife has had a really bad experience on a computter when someone took pictures and posted them. so now she will not have anything to do with them

Where have you gone from here?

Now I am in more confident and I thoroughly enjoy my life.
Aberrant Goddess

Please don't waste your energy on feeling guilty this is something your husband has wanted with all his heart and you've been kind enough to help him down this path. The best part of this is that your truly love it so it Enhances your life as well as his. Do you know how rare it is that you love this instead of gritting your teeth and providing something for your husband that you don't enjoy. The fact that you both seem to enjoy the direction your headed must mean it was meant to be. Enjoy the golden years ....... No that was not a pun for golden showers. :0)

Never feel guilty.....a woman deserves to have her needs come first.

how big is you little hubby?

All men are little men to me.

I am so jealous. I'm a sissy and would love this lifestyle. Do you put your husband in chastity? Have you ever used a strap on to really show your dominance over him? What a dream come true you are!!!!

Aberrant Goddess,

In response to your interest in advice about public display,I suggest taking a drive to a location where it is very unlikely anyone would know either of you.Then you can enjoy experimenting with different things.
A Mistress that once owned me,enjoyed going dinner together and enjoy my humiliation as I had to ask permission to order a drink or food,in front of the service staff.She would enjoy it even more,when she would deny me and my face would become reddened from embarrassment and frustration.
If I may Goddess,I would also like to offer a remedy to both your nights with your toys and getting your taste of being Dominated,I suggest acquiring a Dominant Bull.Thus,leaving your sub/slave to always be in his place.Just a thought.
Thank you for your time

Beneath you,

Yes it is AbberantGoddess. And at your feet would be wonderful.


A man's place is on his knees.

Bare Hugs

I would so love the control you could have over me AbberrantGoddess.

All women should take their rightful place in control.

It takes a secure man to admit that women should be in control. I admire that in you.

Thank you for acknowleging my existence Goddess!

Hi Aberrant Goddess, I absolutely adore you and your husband is a very lucky man! I loved reading your post and I share your concern about public display. Still, there are subtle tasks you can have him perform in public that aren't so obvious, like making him carry your purse. My wife has actually made me drop to my knees before her in public, (once at a sports bar!), but she was kind and made me immediately rise and those events took place when well out of town.

I would love to know a woman like you at the work place, subtly dropping hints of a dominant personality, because I would so love to drop hints in return of my submissive nature and desire to serve a Dominant Goddess! I wonder how long it would take before you'd have me wrapped around your little pinkie running around eagerly doing your bidding. Do you think others would notice?

It takes s strong woman to have a submissive male kneel before her in a sports bar. I admire her spirit. I trust that you treat your wife as a Goddess. The more you treat her like a Goddess, the more likely it is that she will act like one. I enjoy having my little hubby man act as my chauffeur. He stops the car and jumps out to open the door for me. This amazes some women and they just smile and ask if I lend out my little hubby man. I just smile and say that he is too busy taking care of me. Some years ago I accepted my role as a Goddess and now I just live that life and everyone gives me the respect that I deserve. Then that respect makes my little hubby man even more motivated to treat me as a Goddess. It is a good life! >>>>>>>>>>> Aberrant Goddess

Well, I would just like to say thank you so much for your courage to choose to become a Goddess! Women like you are the reason I wake up in the morning and you just make the world such a better place in which to live! My wife and I never fully committed to this lifestyle and so in the last few years our activities have dropped off. But recent events have indicated that she may be willing to return to becoming the Goddess she is entitled to be. The other night she let me use one of my Easter gifts which was to wash all the dishes wearing nothing but a pink apron and high heels, and I've been doing all the chores and being very attentive toward her hoping she will once again welcome being pampered. Thank you Aberrant Goddess for so wonderfully accepting your role as a Goddess! If I knew you I would eagerly drop to my knees before you and beg to kiss your toes!

Wow. You are hot. He's a lucky man.
I like it that you don't "show him off" as your slave, personally. As a man, I'd like that to be
between my wife and I, because that secret can change the nature of the relationship.
Once it gets out, if that secret got out, his life would change, and so would yours.
As it stands, if no one but you two know about this for sure, then there is this sort of,
"under the radar" nature to your dominance over him, that enriches the relationship.
I'm sure it can still come out in little ways, but not overtly....unless you both get to the point
where you are set and ready to unleash that monster. Once its out, there is no going back.
Way to go, though. I enjoyed how you wrote about this.

Somehow my little hubby man enjoys being shown off as my sex slave. I find it a bit uncomfortable to be obvious in public. So we are always out of the neighborhood when the showing off occurs. Even then it is not that obvious but I am getting to enjoy showing him off a bit. He can do this because he is a very secure person. Try it. You might like it. >>>>> Aberrant Goddess

There is a club in Minneapolis called the Gay Nineties. While it is generally for gays, it caters to all sorts of people. A few years ago, I visited it on a whim with some friends. I saw several instances of women leading their man in on a leash. Some leashes were attached to collars. One leash disappeared into the man's trousers. Mostly, the men were masked. Some were not. Just thinking about it is exciting. I suspect most, if not all, submissive men and dominant women would love to have that experience.

you sound like a well educated very powerful woman,i bet most people arent in your league at all and need a leader like you,they want to please you and get your approval,make them do what you want,use them to advance in your career and make your life easier,dont feel guilty,you deserve it

great , youare truly a goddess,i wish i could be your husband,i love to be tied
and whipped,well done

Do you get much attention from other men at work? And if so, do you tell your husband about it while he is tied up?

He gets very excited when I tell him about the attention that I get. My career is very professional yet I can slip in hint about my dominance. It is just fun to tease him any way that I can after I tie him. My stories and/or my actions really make him squirm.

Do you wear high heel shoes at work?

My work heels are professional. After work I put on the dramatic heels for trips various fun places.

Sounds like a 'Good for you!' is in order. Thank you for sharing.

I wish my wife were more like you. You are truly a Goddess.

If your wife appreciated how rewarding it is to be a Goddess, she would quickly become one. It takes some time to be effective as a Goddess. Once there, she will never go back.
Aberrant Goddess

im a little confussed, but isnt that right?, any other woman available here to keep a subby?

My wife has full control over me around our house and on the outside also. I know my place and am not afraid to let others know because thats how we live our live.My wife is my superior and controls my life and i am very happy with that arrangment.

You are a good little man! Well trained. My compliments to your wife.
Aberrant Goddess

Thank you for your reply. My wife does not believe in spanking or any thing of that nature. When i have not completed my tasks correctly or have done something not to her liking we have the talk. Spanking would be a lot easier and faster, when we have the talk I have to explain why i was bad and what I should have done or not done to please her. I feel so bad after our talk because I want to be the perfect husband to her because she has done so much for me in her life. I love to serve her and make her happy and love her very much.

Lindabo99, If paddlings/spannking is needed to establish and maintain control, the spanking should continue. New bruises could be replaced with old bruises. Aberrant Goddess

Many years ago even before we were married we both knew that my wife was always going to be in control. While we were dating she sat me down and told me how it was going to be in our relationship. She has complete control over me and i love how much of a dominate woman she is in her whole life, dealing with me and also in her public life. Like i said before the TALK and the mental feelings of not pleasing her is worse than a spanking would be. When i don"t please her i feel like a big failure.

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I think you have a great situation going, one that is similar to what Nancy and i have in our relationship. Nancy is in charge at home, she manages the money, makes the decisions, sets our social agenda, makes the rules and administer discipline when those rules are broken. I have a prescribed routine of housework that i have to tend to in addition to looking after Nancy, her mother - she lives with us - and their frequent women visitors. It's a wonderful lifestyle for all involved and one we encourage others to adopt. And, yes, we agree that a woman's being dominant at home pays BIG dividends at work and out in the world in general

Thanks for your comment. The situation you describe with Nancy sounds quite good. It is claer that you enjoy tis role and she enjoys you. I would have like to see you refer to her as Mistress," "Goddess," or similar. She is the center of your life. Your attitude of adoration should be more clearly demonstrated. Keep up the good work.
Aberrant Goddess

Thank you for your comment - I answer the Nancy and her Mother using Ma'am, which They and the other Women in the family prefer. Nancy prefers Ma-am all the time but her Mother likes to be called ad Ms. Smith or be referred to as "My Queen", as in "Yes, my Queen", as she is the Matriarch of the family and as such commands great respect.

I hope your husband realizes how lucky he is. You are an amazing woman.

dear lady,<br />
<br />
The last thing you need to feel is guilt. Men need dominant female to serve and submit, and if he will not get it in his house he will go out to look for it. Not all men already know it but the lucky ones that has experience with dominant lady will never look back and will learn over time how to improve themselves for their ladies.<br />
the longer the relationship and the training the better is the acceptance of the male. after 20 years of relationship the male will be total submissive and will happily accept everything his lady will order him to do.<br />
Personally, the moment the male agree to be locked in chastity belt then his entire behavior will follow.

Housemale,<br />
Women feel guilty about being selfish. If she can overcome that feeling of guilt, her ability to be dominant will increase dramatically. After all, she deserve a house slave such as you on another male to care for her when she gets home. If you are as trained as you say, she does not need to apply further control to you. <br />
Then on the weekends, she can intensify her controls over you. After a thorough treatment of you of the weekend, you should be submissive and attentive to her all week.<br />
Aberrant Goddess

Good Morning Ma'am, never feel guilty about the pleasures and yummy kinks you share with your switch hubby. You guys have been happily together this long, and you have done a Great Job! I love your Moxy! You go girl! No to train him in publis suttlely do him! Unlesh youR desire is to take him to a lifestyle club/dunguen? They you can have him dress the part at home, in collar leash and you choice of clothes gear then syitable outer wear over play things! Their are many ways to show your incontrol out side the home without humilating him in front of family and friends, tranhing hin to responded to code words, code colored, reward for good response, punish in private for bad, you can inflict tone training in public, you can use remote control sex toys on his balls, **** and bottom in public, he does what you say you give good stim, he Respond or does not act as requested you jump start him! Then on the drive home you secuRe him telling him exactly what your going to do! Are you his top? Have you taken his anal cherry? Toy play for you, they power for you to use a strap on will send both of you over the top! You ca, always meesage me up and I shall provide you with the latest info! Never feel an oz guilty! Do you enjoy dominating women as well? Are you the same way with you children? When you let the little girl come out home dominite is he? What switch games do you play? Look forward to yoyr reply!

Jones,<br />
Thanks for your compliment. I developed into a Goddess over sometime. I plan to continue my development.<br />
Aberrant Goddess

Pla<x>yerazzi,<br />
Your post oj 19 June mentions a "triple thumbs up." Since you only have 2 thumb, I am glad that something else about you was also "up."<br />
Aberrant Goddess