My sissy .is generally a good little girl for me. It embarasses her when I call her that but it also turns her on. She has become adept at housework and is good at picking up exactly on my mood. Sometimes, however, a few reminders need to be issued. Unlike some dominant wives I dont restrict my hubby. For me a sissy with an erect penis is a sissy who is keen to please, but a cb is used at bedtime.I have a number of methods. The cane, which she hates, is a last resort as I dont want her getting used to it. A caning should be a punishment not a pleasure. I have a single arm bondage sleeve which she must wear, along with a ball gag, whilst kneeling in a corner for whatever period I decide. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable after a while it is also mind numbingly boring which means she is eager to make amends when finally released, and that might be hours. If my displeasure has been incurred sufficiently then she will spend a night in a cage. A couple of years ago I instituted a set bedtime for her, 8.30pm. Initially this was met with sulks but when she saw that I would not relent she got used to it. This regime operates all year round. It must be maddening for her hearing myself and friends having drinks on the patio beneath her bedroom window but she knows better than to make her presence known to my guests. As punishment I have also sent her to bed in a nappy and am considering the use more often.
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You are so right about corner time being mind-numbingly boring. But if it is used as 'anticipation of punishment time' it can be very terrifying too! And standing in the corner after a spanking holding one's dress up to display a red and sore bottom is extremely humiliating.

Did your hubby want this? Is this lifestyle a result of an indiscretion on his part? I like my wife a bit dominate but NOT that dominate.

Thank you Miss Carole I found your story very inspirational. Respectfully yours AB

LOVE it amtruely in awe.... she is a lucky little pet to have someone to take control of her like that.. am a little jealous

Great post. Yes, my subhub is also turned on by being embarrassed. How I came to discover this is a long story but I know it's only a matter of time before I spell it out. You mentioned nappy use. I find that this is very embarrassing for my hub (and therefore very arousing as well.) Neither of us are into the AB/DL "scene". Baby talk, formula, highchairs, wet diapers, ugh, who needs that? However, a nappy and crinkly plastic panties under loose-fitting pants, worn on an errand, or to the movies... wow. Of course these places are so noisy, and most of the public so self-involved, that there is no real risk of discovery. But he is terrified by just the prospect, and generally a hint of my displeasure and what I may do to remedy it is enough to keep him very interested in this Head Of The Household. Ah, life is good. I think i'll add tea to my lunch request. ;-D

Many apologies for taking time to reply. No we are not into AB scene either. It is purely a discipline thing. I have not taken him out in one yet but am encouraged by you to do so.

Good for you seems that the relationship is directed by your needs and not hers. I would hate the early bedtime. Do you ever have friends babysit her while you are otherwise occupied?

I have not had friends babysit but it is an interesting idea