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Permanently Eliminating His Penis From Your Sex Life

To truly dominate your husband, his penis must be eliminated from your sex life. The act of penetration and *********** re-establishes his sense of dominance over you. He needs to crave performing oral sex on you, and his penis should no longer be considered a sex organ. At first it might be necessary to shame him. If it's big say that it hurts you; if it's small, say that you can't feel it or that it make you feel like you're having sex with a little boy.  Another technique is to pressure him to get it up within a few seconds and berate him when he can't, or to tell him that he needs to ********** two or three times before he's allowed to attempt penetration.  Condition him to associate penetration attempts with shame and failure and oral service with success.

Denigrating and eliminating his penis will tame him and give you greatly increased control over him. Not allowing its use will ironically increase his focus and dedication to you. He will start to feel like he is not a real man, and will have no desire to seek sex with other women. The act of oral service clearly establishes you as dominant. He should service you instantly with minimal prompting, always at your whim and convenience and never at his. I always wear a dress with nothing under it, and snap and point when I need satisfaction -- whether at home or in a secluded place outdoors. Suggesting castration or penectomy is also fun. You can point out that castrated men live longer and talk about it as though it were a reasonable and viable option.  By doing this you will absolutely convince him that you believe his penis is an unneeded and unwanted appendage and he will start to share your opinion. Taunting his about never being inside your ***** again for the rest of his life is deliciously frustrating and humiliating for him. Cuckolding in combination with permanent denial of penetration is the most intense sexual humiliation possible.  Whether you cuckold him or not, it will add to your control if you make clear that you ***** still craves penetration -- just not with his useless organ.
Melissa0163 Melissa0163 41-45, F 38 Responses Mar 7, 2012

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I can't remember the last time I felt the inside of a *****! My wife let's me eat her out like 3times a week,but I never get to ***!!! Sometimes if she's in a good mood, and she's happy with the way I ate her, she'll let me jerk off,but that's VERY rare!!! She has sex with other men all the time,but she says, they just **** her, they don't go down on her, that's my job!!! I LOVE her, and I am thankful for that!!!

I am not even allowed to touch my wife's private part she says its out of bounds for me what should I do

This has been very informative. With out a doubt it will be very useful in the near future.

im not allowed to penetrate with my penis either. the only way im allowed any relief is to have my wife hold her fist on the side of the couch and im allowed to pump her still hand until i dribble out my ***. she always moves her hand away when i start to drip

thats so beautiful

Wonderful ideas Ms. Melissa. My Mistress already tells me that mine is worthless that she can't feel it and I love it.

It's a lot of fun driving men in chastity mad with desire. They are so responsive and filled with this built up tension and passion. Been having online friendships with a few of those men and loved it..... The fun is in the results of the longtime denial and the power it gives you, not in the emasculation...........

So true

I would like to be your husband!!!.I so badly want to be emasculated by you and mind ****** forever by you!!!!

As someone who actually had to have a double orchiectomy I can tell you that it does in fact change your life. While many like to fantasize about the reality is quite different.

Oh my I think you're amazing. Do you have any sisters?

My wife teases me about castration many times,esp. when we have dinner with a female doctor friend of hers. They both love to embarrass me about it.

very intellectual opinions presented here! I am open minded to all this but why not just enjoy everything withut feeling dominance! the concept of dominance is in our mind not in penis!

My philosophy is to drive passion to a peak with whatever symbols and triggers work. Dominance/submission is not a winner and a loser -- it's a win-win.

I am interested to try any new hypothesis!

Melissa you are sooooooo right it is a win-win

I concur wholeheartedly!! Yes Miss!!

I totally agree!

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I seriously believe that if mothers started putting there boys in chasity at a younger age we would have much more control over men and there would not be this problem of having to deal with your man at an older age. Mothers, lets start working on getting our young boys under control before they get out of control...

I think really mothers need to start teaching their daughters to art of controlling their man by tease and denial. By teaching they would spread the word and knowledge better.

I love this! My wife only has sex with her hung lovers now and never with me, although she only eliminated sex with me over time. I encouraged the teasing first, so I have no one to blame but myself there. But recently, she has started to joke about wanting to make me have a penectomy but leaving my balls so that, like her in regards to me, I will still have the desire but no way to satisfy it. I really couldn't argue with the poetic justice of that.

The ultimate sacrifice!

very true...

What do you think about Feminizing your man?

I don't really go for makeup, dresses, wig, or bras on a male. But by retiring his penis -- never letting it feel a *****, making him sit to pee, throwing away his boxer shorts and substituting panties -- I have pretty much ******** him of his manhood and the annoying qualities that go along with that.

love it girl 27 yo male in cb 6000

You have put a lot of thought into this,and by jove,I think you're on to something.

you are very strict and i find you very unrelistable

never had to be asked twice to give oral pleasure.. always willing an eager thats for sure.. one click of the fingers and im on my knees lapping like a puppy

Great post. I put my hubby in chastity for his bad behavior. He is never allowed to even touch is penis anymore, and certainly not stick it in me ever again. It really seems to be turning him into an effeminate submissive.

its a step we would love to take...

Fantastic post you wrote ! My best friend keeps me locked in chastity so I devote myself to her, and not on my selfish wish to ******. We both actually agreed that I'd be better to her castrated, and we've already devised the method. Without my nuts, I'd be her worshipping, pampering toy.

Have you thought of slipping him some female homones that will kill the abilty to get errect? It would have to be a careful balance -- you want him able to still get honry but not errect. <br />
<br />
Does he beg you for blow jobs? When was the last time he ever got one from you?

There is nothing hotter than being denied penetration and being constantly teased about it that ( insert your current lover's name here ) can have me anytime he wants and you will learn to accept it and like it! Having my wife dress nice all the time with dresses or skirts and heels on even around the house and keeping me permanently denied is my ultimate goal, I want her to make me into her househubby and have several other boyfriends to tease me about. Then the only time she would allow me a release from my chastity device is to clean her with my tongue after she has been with her lovers while I am allowed to m/b!

I deeply crave this. Google "Real Women Don't Do Dishes" ( This is a deliciously realistic site about denying hubby and dominating him. A must read for a woman of your caliber!

I so agree with you and have practised similar with my husband. His penis is now virtually useless as a sexual item. I do not use any chastity devices either. I did not go i for vicious ridicule as that might have turned him on, it was more a drip feed of low level but to the point comment. Early in our relationship I always had him 'finish me off' by hand since he had not done the job properly. I had him investgate penile enlargement, suggestig that is was a bit deficient. Critisism when he did not erect quickly enough made the problem worse and gave him a hang up. At bedtime I would suggest that it maybe needed a good wash before it touches me and then 'be asleep' when he got back. I had to really act asleep as he, by now frustrated, would have a furtive ************ trying not to wake me. This made it for him a sordid little act. I then picked up a tip from a website, prostate milking. I now do this on a two weekly basis. The trick is to do it at the same time, on the same day of the week. It is done in the same location, the bathroom and I wear the same outfit, bra, panties and stockings with heels. MY jelly and rubber glove are already in the bathroom. Now I find he will ********* the moment I snap the rubber glove on. I then insert the finger anyway as with the *********** over all that is left is a sense of shame and inadequacy

I love that you dress in your sexiest outfit and your heels, so effective as it brings the lust to the pinnacle of emotions, then he is denied, NOTHING HOTTER!

Permanent chastity is very exciting and bonding, especially if with constant teasing.

Bravo dear