Taken A Stage Further

My husband, Charles, now cherry, has been a transvestite for years. He has since childhood really but I was with him a couple of years before I knew. Over the years it has been a low key thing as we have children. As they have grown and left home he wanted to increase activity. What came out was that he wanted to be, as he put it, the 'junior' partner. This surprised me as he had always been quite forthright, good job, firm with the children without being unfair. I knew enough about the tranny world to know it is a common theme. We bought a couple of maids outfits and some conventional day clothes and we sometimes played Mistress and maid. He was not into CP, he said, so we left that alone. Later, however, he got a taste for a little spanking and think this might escalate.
Recently he expressed a wish to go out at night, with me, dressed. Being unsure I gave it thought. A perfect opportunity presented itself when we were invited to an engagement party at a pub. I replied that I would be there but he had a prior engagement. I had him dress as a maid and drive me to the do. In the pub carpark I had him park just to the side. I then removed the keys from the car and went into the party leaving him in the car. His choice was to be seen or duck down in the footwell which is why I had him park in a darker area but within full sight of the pub entrance so that he could see me go in then later emerge. I was in there a good 3 hours and although there was nothing going to happen I did flirt with a man I did not know. On emerging I let this man kiss me goodbye and did not remove his hand from my breast, I knew this would be seen. On getting into the car and handing back the keys I gave Cherry a peck on the cheek and put my hand up his dress. He was rigid, very obviously turned on. He didn't ask who the man was, probably pretending he had not seen. The drive home was considerably quicker then the drive in until I reminded him that he did not want to be pulled by the police dressed as he was. At home he wanted to go to bed immediately but I said I was tired and perhaps he should sleep in the spare, as I have him do time to time. He wanted to argue, it was plain to see, but being the junior partner, as I remind him sometimes, he knew he could not. I lay in bed later hearing his bedsprings going as he satisfied his urge. The following day he was more attentive than he had ever been. I have repeated journeys to places like supermarkets but leaving him in the car. I will soon, though, have him dress in clothes such as I would wear and take him at night, may be seaside promenade, two middleaged ladies on an evening walk. Who knows what the future might bring it has opened up a new world for both of us.
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May 16, 2012