A Game Of Mental Torture

Try this. A game we play now and then is that I have him put on his favourite short maids outfit. He stands beside my chair
holding a tray with a glass of water filled to the absolute brim. I then slide my hand beneath the dress and play with his genitals. There is a promise of punishment if any of the water is spilled and it will be something he does not enjoy. This can be carried on for long periods if you are careful and do not bring him to completion. In the end it will become too much for him and water will be spilled. An immediate cessation of activity will leave him frustrated and he will remain so through punishment.
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

In my dreams! A lovely short story

i am anxious to hear what the punishment is! My Mistress needs ideas to punish me when necessary, and She usually asks me for ideas, but, of course, if it's my idea, it may be something i enjoy - so your ideas may be something She can use that will have the desired effect.

my Goddess Wife has not had me entertain Her with this game. im sure She would enjoy because my Queen Loves to punish me , then Pleasure Her .

I really liked this idea. The way you wrote it shows me how you appreciate him. I see it as a kind of play and you correct him as well as you can. You make him stronger and stronger. Your neglecting will be the hardest punishment for him. Real nice. Would love to be in his place.