Watching The 49'es Game Tonight I Thought About Dominance...


I have dominated my husband for quite a few years, but watching the 49'ers crush the Green Bay packers tonight i really had an Epiphany in understanding why this all works.

The Question:

If we females back up a bit and really ask the question: "Why would a strong man ever allow us to dominate and humiliate him; spank him, dress him up as a sissy and, in my case put him in chastity, you would have to be crazy to ever believe this could happen; yet it does, apparently quite frequently. So why? 

The Ah Ha:

Watching the post-season elimination game between SF and GB i realized why. During the 2nd. quarter SF simply Dominated Green Bay. They intercepted passes, blew the QB, Rogers, back behind the line of scrimmage several times, and the Niner's QB, Kaepernick, rushed for 197 yards, an all time worlds record for a QB. It was like they were playing against children.

My Ah Ha, was simple; men are children and when they don't get their way (lose the game)  they quickly subliminally give in. The tide turns and resistance is futile. Understanding male sports is the explanation we have all been looking for. The Game may be for four quarters, but you can "win" in quarter 2, now you simply dominate the game and roll over the opposition. You make the plays, they start to fail. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy; game over you won.

Our Failure:

We tend to fail to recognize victory and throw it away by not striking when the iron is most vulnerable. I will never make this mistake again, and I have made it many times; When they are most vulnerable, I will take control and never give it up; ever. 

My Plans and request to the EP commuunity:

Male Children need a teacher, and I will be there for them. 

I am very interested in any comments other Dominates may have about this. I feel quite stupid for not realizing this years ago , but then again, maybe I'm completely wrong. At EP we have a large and diverse community, so some feedback would be appreciated.

Men and Women may respond, and are encouraged to do so. Thank You.

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I am a 49 yr old male child and am happiest when structure is created through rules duties and expeçtations. Although punishments àre painful I crave them when I make mistakes. Even the harshest of punishments leaves me relieved as the offense is recognized, dealt with and given closure.

Christine, I mostly agree with you. I would like to add some of my feelings. I'm mainly dominant, but there are many times that I get sick and tired of taking control. I just want to let go ~ that were my wonderful wife comes in. So at home and specially in the bedroom, she is in control. She gives me punishment canings (where the marks stays for 3 weeks or more on my butt), and erotic canings.
I like your style Christine, thanks for posting!

I think you have touched on one reason, but the answer is far more complex, and the reasons are as varied as the individuals involved. Relationships evolve and change over time, and "winning", is that the goal of a relationship as in a sport? For some of us I think you are correct in saying that our wives could push the situation and choose not to. I'd say my wife is one of those and I don't see that changing as much as I might like it to. I also don't think we are all pushed into it because we, the male, has failed. I like reading your posts on the subject and will give it much more thought. Certainly one of my favorite subjects.

did hubby watch the game too or ust serve you drinks and snack?

I have nown since teenage that I was born to serve women. I informed my future wive about my submissive tendancies. We have been married for 40 years and Mistress has grown into and blossemed as the boss She uses the cane and tawse when required, I am in permanant chastity,Ido all the housework and worship the gound she walks on and I love every minute of our life together

I think you are quite right. When men are winning, whatever the contest, they max out their enthusiasm. When they are losing, they become pliant, docile and childlike. Dominating my husband consistently for many years now has made him the willing and obedient servant that I require. This is of course reinforced with feminization, spanking, chastity and even public humiliation when he has earned it.

I don't think my wife realizes how much more control she could have if she embraced the fact that I wear panties and used that to her advantage.

so true

some times it is just the confindence that one has.the 3rd time i was out with the girl that,latter became my wife.I told her i was going to rest room to pee,She confindly told me " No" You are going to sit there and **** your pants,because i told you to.After a breff moment,i pissed my pants as i sat there,the chair was a one peice deal,plastic shell,no holes and stackable. So my pants had to soak it up, Now wet form the waste to the nees,front and back.As she took delight in me wetting my self,She said " I new you would"When you clean up get ride of every hair that is wet" Even to this day i'm not sure why i just sat there a wet my self..

How much I like to dress him up as a girly girl. Petticoats, satin, bows etc.

Christine...You are an awesome Woman! As you know from Visiting my Blog, Women Can and are Feminizing and Dominating Men and Boys at an Increasing pace. What you state about the 2nd quarter is absolutely true...But it is up to Wonderful Women as yourself to spread the News to other Women and girls. a Future where the Female is Dominat, and the Males are feminized will be Much better for all of us. Maybe in 20 Years you will Watch Women Competing...Playing Football. while Feminized male Cheerleaders are the "Eye Candy" on the sidelines for the Dominat Female!!! I Wish!!!

Yeah, that I would like to see! Male "Eye Candy" in short skirts and tight tops waving pom-pons and dancing around. Ha.

Thanks for responding. All relationships are, of course, different. Some employ corporal punishment, some do not, Some employ humiliation, some do not. It really has to be what works between the parties so both people get what they want. Glad yous is working out.