Im Ready, Are You?

I am a prepper and are prepping for an emp, or economic crash, are you ready, and for what?
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I doubt the world is going to end in the next few years. I am not ready if it does, Im absolutely ******. However, I do have plans to implement so that I wont be so ****** anymore, as soon as possible. I intend to get a farm. Not to farm with, but for space. I have multiple in mind, but am basing my designs off of a blank slate (ie, planning for what to do if I get absolutely nothing but a plot of land, although I hope for one with soil suited for a rammed earth construction site) I will then prepare defenses, such as a few trees converted to covert lookout towers, (I will plant them and grow them myself if necessary, this fortress wont be for me, but for my descendants so I dont have to worry as much about how quickly it comes into fruition) glow stick alarms, to help pinpoint night time enemy assaults, thorn bushes grown strategically. I intend to get an airplane (a used one runs about 10 grand) and a pilots license, and build a hanger. In an end of times scenario air power would be highly useful, and I will be sure to store schematics as to how one could convert that for use in combat. (Molotov cocktails come to mind, no aim needed, and extremely simple to make) I would want no less than three one hundred percent hidden locations full of supplies, I would likely make them by digging a hole the size of a room, giving it a concrete floor, walls, and roof, and then a trapdoor to get in, and then burying it. I would keep track of these and other defenses by marking them on a map in a control room of sorts, which would contain information for using ALL of the defenses. This would ofcourse be rigged to be destroyed at a moments notice to keep it from enemy hands. Im thinking incendiaries. I would then build a kind of bunk house, to accommodate large amounts of people. For food and water, my answer is simple, catfish. A man made lake or pond with them, and I would be able to breed catfish for food, and have a reservoir of water as well. Ofcourse, it would need to be purified, but so long as it is kept clear of harmful chemicals, I could do so simply by boiling it. Additionally, what Im prepping for is the end of times as laid out by the book of revelations, as compared to other events. In this case it would essentially be warfare of christians versus the antichrist and his minions. Theres an old warfare tactic I would plan on using in this situation, living off the enemies supplies. If you raid the enemy to supplement your food, you both feed yourself, and starve them. I most certainly have not covered everything, and I did that intentionally, just because I intend to share my fortress with anyone fleeing the mark of the beast doesnt mean I wish to share everything until then.

Sooo not ready. I live in an apartment I don't think I could defend, with large windows in a bad neighborhood... we have a bit of water and food stashed away. If something bad did happen our general plan is to get to my friends house about 50 miles south of here... on foot. Because we don't have a car, and if there's no communication, I don't see anyone coming for us.
We're looking to move in a few months, providing the world doesn't fall around our ears by then, we'll actually have room, time and money to be better off for that "just in case" scenario. Room being the biggest problem we're facing right now. But I'm also hesitant to stock up right before we move. I'm thinking number one is a local natural disaster/local economic collapse since that seems like it would be the easiest thing to occur, or at least the first thing that would happen. And anything after that would just be building on to that initial two week supply. Water, food, fuel, and self defense/escape tools.
I haven't the slightest clue how to set up evacuation sites though, I mean, are you just like "we'll head to this abandoned field if it gets rough"? o.O I thought about using the SART as an escape route (Santa Ana River Trail, it runs near where I live, kinda.) but it's this really long bottle neck and we'd have to go a long ways before we wanted to get off again. And I am not Rambo, nor bullet proof, lol.