When It Comes To Men... Call Me Mlle Doormat

Why in the world am I a doormat when it comes to men? I am a smart, capable, confident, and attractive woman in other aspects of my life....

You would not believe the ridiculousness that I allow men to do to me. From open cheating, to allowing myself to be a low priority, to spending all my money and spare time on them--- I must carry a sign: "I am a desperate women. Treat me like crap! It will make me try harder. The more you walk all over me the more I will  treat you like a king! Abuse our trust. Disrespect me...."

scarlet54 scarlet54 36-40, F 5 Responses Aug 20, 2010

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i'm like that with my husband,he leaves me every month since january 2012.and i just took much more of a doormat do i have to be to say enough,already i deserve better?

This doesn't sound good. I hope things improve.

If you allow men to do al the thease things to you then, you have this big sign accross your

face that says "I HAVE NO SELF RESPECT"

Awww, thanks.

Oh Scarlet.


You have a beautiful soul.

I think you need to get to know that guy first before you get serious with is guy.