But I'm Trying Really Hard Not to Be

I am trying to improve a little at a time. But it is just hard for me because I don't really like confrontation. But I do need to learn that sometimes its worth it for your sanity!
Aminik Aminik
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2008

Yeah I always hated arguments - possibly because when I was a kid id always hear my parents arguing late at night.<br />
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People definately respect you more when you stand up for yourself though and the same person you had an argument/disagreement with one day can be your best pal the next.<br />
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Obviously not everyone is going to be this way but it happened to me and I was really glad I didnt take the guys crap any more and stood up for myself.<br />
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The next day he was all smiles, asking me if i wanted to hang out at lunch time etc.