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I Am A Doormat Too....

  I just started reading a couple stories and will respond! So, here is my story. Growing up my sister called me a kiss a$$ because I talked to all my family,tried not to argue back, I tried to  make them happy,went everywhere with them. So issues with school started because of a mean teacher , I dropped out,new schools on and off,in and out.That was my biggest non-pleasing thing I did then until I discovered boys. So anyways,I know we all meet some friends,or boys who walk all over us, as well as family. )There is so much much more to my life story but it will take pages! I get stepped on and when people are done with me, I just feel so used and dirty. Well, here is to another 50/60 years of being a doormat!  

***Update*** I am working on myself and have been standing up for myself a little more. I will not others rule who I am any longer. If you don't like me, than there's nothing I can do about this, and will not let anyone knock me down for their amusement!
realityvsdream realityvsdream 36-40, F Dec 18, 2011

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