My Miserable Family

I am the oldest of 5 kids. I have always been well the one that took care of everyone. No matter what they need I always try to help. If I needed anything it is always a battle. I finally quit asking. My family never comes to my house but I am expected to at the drop of the hat visit whenever they ask. Pick up their kids, babysit etc. I explained to them that it seems they only call or come over when they want something. The response was selfish it was like they didn't even hear me! I get so frustrated that I take things out on the ones that don't hurt me my husband and kids. They told me I let my family treat me like a doormat. I just realized it is true. I talked to them about my feelings I was very nice I was crying and it didn't really seem to matter to them. They are all miserable people who are not happy unless chaos is at foot. I can't live like that and be happy. I just wish I didn't feel so guilty about cutting them out of my life. I love them but I can't do this anymore.

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

I finally told them today.They don't approve of a friend I have because she is my sister's ex husband's new wife. WOW That sounds so Jerry Springer. Anyway the marriage between my sister and this guy ended because she had an affair got pregnant and 3 months after she had the baby he found out the baby wasn't his! Long story short he kicks her out for that and the fact that she has a drug addiction. He loses his wife his baby and on her way out she ran over his dog the poor dog lost his leg. Sounds like a bad country song right. Anyway he met this wonderful girl. I met her when I went over to pick up some of my grand mother's things that my sister left. We hit it off immediately. My family say's that I am betraying my sister for being her friend. I can't see it that way. My sister doesn't have custody of her 2 children because she chose drugs over her children and I am the bad guy because my best friend is her ex husband's new wife. COME ON! Maybe I am wrong but I think that the person who has no control of her life should not be able to dictate others lives.