There's A Lot Of Us

After looking through the various groups, I came to the conclusion that there are a lot of self-identified dorks, who also wear diapers, whether for need or convenience. It makes sense. As dorks we are less constrained by social stigmas and do what makes sense for us. That's why I thought it would be fun to have a group just for us.
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I never brooded about it,I was a loner in school, few friends, did NOT play sports, so it would seem to make sense that the dork would go on to make something of himself, and revert to his childish ways and wear diapers and plastic pants. They didn't like me then. They don't like me now, so what do I have to lose? Enjoy your diapers, my little brothers and sisters!

I've always been a big dork and I often thought my diapers and wetting added to my dorkiness. I will admit that I kind of thought having a weak bladder was something expected of me by my schoolmates because I was into comics and sci-fi and computers. It just seemed to make sense that I was The Kid Who Wet His Pants in school, and who had to wear diapers. I guess I kind of liked that the weak bladder was reinforced by that stereotype. Perversely, I guess I enjoyed being expected to be a dork who wore diapers.

Good definition. But dork becomes eccentric if you are wealthy or British. lol :)

I'm just eccentric, not wealthy.

dfine dork. There are already lots a groups for diaper wearers


A dork is someone quirky with unusual interests, not particularly swayed by social conventions, so that they do their own thing regardless of what anybody thinks. They are the people who are not struggling to be part of the cool crowd.

yah, that's good, thanks.

yes i am also a diapered dork diapers rock and so do us dorks