Delicious, Delirious, Dorkdom!

I am SO thrilled to have found this group! I now have a home. :-) Lemme tell ya -- I have absolutely REVELED in the dorkdom way all my life! "Dork Tell??" (see group poll) *snort* PUH-leeze --- they ain't even BEGUN to challenge my reign. My husband and I often glance around our neo-Trek living room, and nod at each other with comfortable satisfaction. Here are a few of my "ya know you're a dork when . . ." check boxes:

[X] Have hosted a successful Star Trek party -- complete with Klingons and Romulan Ale.
[X] Collected Marvel Superhero comics for over a decade
[X] Loved the TV Reality Series: "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" ("Be a winner! NOT a weiner!")
[X] Are a scifi bookworm (Bradbury, Asimov, HG Wells, Heinlein, L'Engle, Chrichton, CS Lewis, Orson Scott Card -- need I go on?)
[X] Prefer Star Trek to Star Wars (the former is a philosophy, the latter, simply a saga)
[X] Own life-sized standups of scifi and fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Santa Claus) characters
[X] Still own a slide rule
[X] Have coached a speech/debate team
[X] Wear glasses
[X] have dressed up for Renaissance faires, comic-cons & sci-cons
[X] Got cable tv for the Scifi channel
[X] Visited Roswell, New Mexico
[X] Ate at Quark's Bar in Las Vegas

Okay. So I'll admit that I can't recite any movie or tv episodes by heart, I can't argue Dr. Who ('cause I don't watch it), and I don't own any leather -- but when it counts, I'm proud to let my dork flag fly! Beam me up, Scotty! ;-)
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

lol! oh there's room for all SORTS of dorks in the club! Come on in & party! :-)

I find your experience very cute. I have been called a dork many times but find that by your standards I don't fit. I'm glad you embrace the term, I have every time its been dropped on me.