What? This Really Is My Serious Face...

I really am a dork, but I’ve long said that a certain variety of dorkiness has its appeal. The people who are always so polished and never make spelling/grammatical errors – who speak so perfectly and always know just what to say… They scare the hell out of me honestly. You have to wonder exactly what they’re up to – because no one who lets their guard down is so refined so consistently. So, I know right away they’re trying to work me in some way, sell me something, likely. It smacks of ulterior motives like nothing else I know of.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy intelligent company – anything else is really just hard to take seriously. But, I like a smart person who’s not afraid to let it hang out sometimes and have a little fun – who, if he/she makes a mistake doesn’t have a melt-down over it. Confidence. Because you know you’re smart and sexy and, part of that are the little, quite endearing, imperfections.

So, I laugh at inappropriate times and find acerbic sarcasm amusing, especially when all the insecure people get genuinely upset. I say stupid things sometimes and my memory leaves a lot to be desired these days, which occasionally leads to awkward moments. Oh, I also snort when I laugh sometimes and, if I’m a little tipsy, my southern accent just comes out – I can’t help it, okay? ^.^

God may be in the details but appeal is in the quirks – for me, anyway.
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May 10, 2012