I Am A Dork

Hope I spelled the group's name correctly..afterall it is a dork :))
Did you ever think that the two of us can write a story together on line and hopefully get help from others..do we narrate an episode..I think I will..after having much trouble sending messages at EP..my friend finally requested me to give my email..well I was only too happy to oblige..but..but..I forgot the password..then I got cold feet...thinking.. what will he think .I have send him on a wild goose chase..and I don't know even if it is a goose :))
But..then I finally was able to login and within a time limit ..as I got him online too but he was really offline..you know ..hiding type...only talking to me from under the blankets and wearing only...so..lights were turned off..as we chatted..laughed and actually had a good time..well smarty pants your turn to write the next sequence...
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LOL haha. :) Well, the dork in me keeps missing, due to "didnt' turn on Yahoo messenger"... I just told a friend in New Mexico about that... and then I make the same error... there's my dork-dom for the day!<br />
<br />
I certainly like chatting with you and I'm glad we can chat on YM instead of this slow thing! :)

true..and I did wait..but guess what..ym also ditched me after couple of hours..it wouldn't connect..so back to EP

good ...me too

Yay... but have to talk on the weekends, I suppose. The late nights are becoming a problem for me. :(

it sounds good..weekend feature is what we call our chats...

So, you're agreeable to this? :) I hope to talk to you sometime this weekend, then... take care!

happy weekend...and take care

Thank you for the short chat today, I appreciate it! :)

looking forward to another chat..with you :)) take care

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