So I like to have fun and just be silly. I guess that makes me a dork... but a genuine dork. I like to run around w/ my children and roll in the grass, jump and dance on the bed, sing into a pen in the car, skip, jump, hop, and shimmy... just have some fun and live a little.. gotta luv those highs!
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6 Responses Jul 21, 2007

true true...dorks do have more fun

Dorks have more fun :-D<br />
why should life me so darn serious all the time?

Oh, me too. I just wish I had someone to do those things WITH.

is that what being a dork is ? .. omg .. im possibly one, ive never relly known what a dork is .. acurately descriptively, besides being of whale ..

That's great! Everyone should try to let loose and embrace their dorky side. =)

You truly are a genuine dork!! Your dorkyness should be envied. Have a wonderful day!