So a couple of days of ago while I was in the shower, and tidying myself up down under, y'know where 'cause I like to keep it tidy especially in the summer, and stuff :)
I was bit too much lost in thought thinking about things, though, and forgot the safety razor had a single trimming-blade on the flipside as I drew it away from between my legs... Yeeow!
So two things crossed my mind 1) Well, this must be how women feel once a month... except for all the other stuff and 2) "Bled to death from his balls" must be the worst text in obituary/coroner's report...
Well, luckily the bleeding got staunched very quickly, in fact the trimming blade isn't that deep. Couldn't quite decide which group to post it in, if indeed at all, but I think this'll do fine :)
Faust76 Faust76
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Been there done that!!! Know how you feel brother.